Are you eat­ing your way to bad skin?

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Break­ing out or plagued with dull skin de­spite fol­low­ing your beauty regime re­li­giously? It’s time you take a look in­side your re­frig­er­a­tor, as the cul­prit for all your beauty woes is likely to be lurk­ing in there. If junk food, pas­tas and aer­ated drinks adorn your kitchen counter, and fresh veg­gies and fruits are not a part of it, you may have to take stock of your eat­ing habits. Switch to health­ier liv­ing and clean eat­ing to get the per­fect glow. Here are a few in­gre­di­ents you must steer clear off for health­ier, glow­ing skin.


It is now an es­tab­lished fact that pro­cessed foods with untested ad­di­tives can dam­age our health. So, keep­ing your diet sim­ple and true to na­ture at least 80% of the time will make a huge dif­fer­ence in your skin tex­ture and over­all health.


White flour and corn­starch that are present in ev­ery­thing from pasta to nam­keen, are the main cause of in­sulin dys­reg­u­la­tion. These foods have no nu­tri­tional value. They only taste good, and in the process, cause your in­sulin to spike, and your stress hor­mones to sky­rocket. You re­mem­ber how your skin used to look as a teenager be­fore an exam? Those pim­ples, dull­ness and that skin sen­si­tiv­ity? Well, that hap­pens when your stress hor­mones shoot up. To stop your hor­mones from go­ing crazy, avoid these white foods.

NO SUGAR Sugar is known to cause gly­ca­tion of im­por­tant pro­teins in the skin. Through gly­ca­tion, these strength and youth-giv­ing pro­teins be­come in­ac­tive, lead­ing to skin sag­ging and wrin­kles. For those with a sweet tooth, sugar-free is not the an­swer. Sugar-free op­tions have a host of is­sues them­selves, and cause just as much an in­sulin re­ac­tion as sugar does. For truly gor­geous, youth­ful skin, keep your meals sim­ple and nat­u­ral, and avoid ar­ti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers.


Most peo­ple be­lieve that milk is good for the body, but the fact is that it is more harm­ful than you think. Dairy prod­ucts such as milk, cheese, ice­cream and yogurt are full of hor­mones. Acne, age­ing and pig­men­ta­tion are all caused or wors­ened by hor­monal im­bal­ance, so adding even more hor­mones through food can cre­ate trou­ble for the skin. Nearly all der­ma­tol­o­gists tell their pa­tients to cut down on dairy prod­ucts. For those of you scared of not get­ting enough cal­cium: did you know spinach has more cal­cium than milk?

Re­vamp your gro­cery list to get rid of food items that cause

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