Quick fixes for a chipped nail

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Here’s a night­mare sce­nario. You are head­ing for a party, high heels on point. Just when you are leav­ing, you have a com­plete #fail mo­ment: a man­i­cured nail chips. Breathe girl, don’t panic! Here are the fixes:

1 Tea bag so­lu­tion: Give a quick detox to your talons and re­pair the chipped nail by cov­er­ing it in a teabag wrap. Take the bag and cut it at top, emp­ty­ing out the con­tents. Now, cut a sliver of the bag, a lit­tle larger than the length of the en­tire nail that needs to be cov­ered, and wrap the in­jured nail with it. With scis­sors, cut off any ex­cess. Bring the wrap to the shape of the nail with a filer. Fin­ish with a top coat.

2 Nail glue: In case your chipped nail is ac­tu­ally a full break, with the top cres­cent com­pletely de­tached, fas­ten it back with the help of nail glue. This glue is avail­able online, and is also a part of your DIY man­i­cure kits. Cover this par­tic­u­lar nail with a trans­par­ent top coat for a stronger hold. While a lot of glues pro­vide an ap­pli­ca­tor, you can al­ter­na­tively use a tooth­pick.

3 Tape it: Cut a strip of tape and use it to cover the bro­ken part. The trick here is the neat­ness, so with a sharp-edged nail, man­u­ally file the taped nail. Fin­ish with a top coat.

4 Fab­ric fix: Like the tea bag, use a thin strip of tulle or sheer silk. First, use nail glue to re­in­state the bro­ken tip. Now, paste an elon­gated strip of the fab­ric on the en­tire nail. When the nail is wrapped en­tirely, use a top coat to strengthen the nail and fin­ish off with nail paint.

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