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Is scal­ing bad for teeth? Are cav­i­ties caused only by sugar? Here is a list of de­coded den­tals myths. Myth: Scal­ing is not good for teeth

Fact: Scal­ing re­moves tar­tar and keeps teeth and gums healthy. Scal­ing and deep clean­ing of gums pre­vents bad breadth and bleed­ing gums. Thus, scal­ing is ben­e­fi­cial. One should get pro­fes­sional clean­ing done by a den­tist with a proper ul­tra­sonic scaler. Ex­ten­sive scal­ing done (more than re­quired) is harm­ful. Myth: Only sugar causes cav­i­ties

Fact: It is one of the pop­u­lar myths about den­tal cav­i­ties. Cav­i­ties oc­cur when bac­te­ria pro­duces acids in the mouth. The process can be­gin by any carb that you con­sume. That in­cludes sugar, fruits, veg­eta­bles, rice and bread. To re­duce tooth de­cay, one should not only prac­tice good den­tal care but also limit in­take of acidic food. Myth: Teeth whiten­ing is harm­ful, as it dam­age enamel

Fact: Mod­ern tech­nique like Zoom Whiten­ing works by ex­fo­li­at­ing stains from one’s teeth to lighten them and bring back their nat­u­ral colour. It is the sim­plest and safest pro­ce­dure as a prod­uct is be­ing used by den­tists that is de­void of bleach­ing agents and chem­i­cals.

Myth: Brush­ing your bleed-

ing gums is bad

Fact: Brush­ing is not only good on teeth, but also on your gums and tongue. Brush­ing these ar­eas help get rid of plaque which is what causes in­flam­ma­tion and gum dis­ease. One should not brush too hard if they have sen­si­tive gums. One should use a soft tooth­brush for bleed­ing gums. Myth: Us­ing sug­ar­less chew­ing gum with Xyl­i­tol af­ter meal can re­place brush­ing

Fact: Noth­ing can re­place proper brush­ing tech­nique. And in case you want to use sug­ar­less chew­ing gum, do not chew it for more than 10 min­utes.

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