Would you like your nails to bub­ble up?

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Acon­tro­ver­sial trend in the nail in­dus­try has fi­nally bub­bled up to the sur­face, and it is di­vid­ing opin­ion. Bub­ble nails first ap­peared in the US a few years ago, but have been get­ting se­ri­ous In­sta­gram at­ten­tion in the last few weeks. Also re­ferred to as “hump nails” (if they boast an elon­gated tip), the trend in­volves sculpt­ing acrylic gel onto the nail to cre­ate a dome shape which is then filed down to cre­ate a short, square and very arched shape.

Typ­i­cally, the bub­bles (or humps) are painted in bright bub­blegum colours and adorned with glit­ter, shim­mer or, in some cases, fake pearls and gems. One of the most prom­i­nent ad­vo­ca­tors of the trend on so­cial media is Texas-based sa­lon, Nails By Ann, which regularly shows off its in­no­va­tive dec­o­ra­tive tech­niques for bub­ble nails. Bows, studs and plas­tic flow­ers are all added to the al­ready weighty-look­ing ex­ten­sions.

Some nail fans have been go­ing crazy for the look, with users such as @co­co_­datvir­go_ bihh post­ing mes­sages in sup­port to the sa­lon, such as “These are per­fect #hump­nails #bub­ble­nails @nails­byann I’m in love (sic)”.

How­ever, not all beauty lovers agree on this. User @ shes_sharkas­tic said: “Yall are se­ri­ously get­ting your nails done like this on pur­pose tho?! For real? Like, re­ally? #bub­ble­nails #hump­nails #acrylic­nails #grosstrends #thingsthatar­ent­cute #nasty (sic)”. User @_aleko_oke­la_ took it even fur­ther, say­ing: “These nails are ab­so­lutely dis­gust­ing. wth is a hump­nail? like what can you do with these? Who would want this on their hands? Who even thought to try this? I can’t even! #ICan­tEven #hump­nails (sic)”.

One nail artist, @kb­fan­cy_wancy, said: “At­ten­tion clients...oval, stilleto, square, cof­fin is the nail trend but DAnnG check out these bub­ble nails?! #won’tdothem #ure­x­cused­to­goelse­where #gum­balls (sic).”

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