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(MAR 21 - APR 20)

You’ll need to clear the air re­gard­ing a re­spon­si­bil­ity that you are shirk­ing. At work, you re­main in a com­mand­ing po­si­tion and call the shots. Tak­ing con­trol of the do­mes­tic front may in­crease your work­load, but will be well worth the trou­ble. Se­niors alike will value your sug­ges­tions on the aca­demic front. De­vote time to part­ner.

Lucky No: 9 Lucky Colour: Choco­late


(SEPT 24 - OCT 23)

It is best not to ig­nore signs of ill health, as you can eas­ily get laid up on bed. You will need to en­sure that what­ever you un­der­take at work goes in the right di­rec­tion and at the right pace. Give breath­ing space to some­one who has be­come your punch­ing bag! Sav­ing money must be top­most on your agenda.

Lucky No: 1 Lucky Colour: Baby Pink


(APR 21 - MAY 20)

You are likely to get all the help you re­quire to con­clude what you have started. Re­main in touch on the so­cial front, if you want to re­main pop­u­lar. You’ll need to be hon­est in deal­ings to in­crease your clien­tele. Don’t take short­cuts on the aca­demic front. Par­ents may ground you for your ex­trav­a­gance.

Lucky No: 7 Lucky Colour: Cream


(OCT 24 - NOV 22)

This is the right time to ini­ti­ate what you had been wait­ing for so long. It may prove dif­fi­cult to get along with some­one you don’t see eye to eye, but try. Re­ceiv­ing a long pend­ing pay­ment is likely to keep you fi­nan­cially in good health. Use con­tacts on the pro­fes­sional front for ca­reer pro­gres­sion.

Lucky No: 18 Lucky Colour: Ma­roon


(MAY 21 - JUN 21)

You will be ex­tremely im­age con­scious and may go the ex­tra mile to pre­serve it. It is good to steel your de­ter­mi­na­tion to do some­thing that you dis­like. Those with a reli­gious or spir­i­tual bent of mind may plan a pil­grim­age. Past ex­pe­ri­ence and wis­dom will be much in ev­i­dence to­day. Health re­mains sat­is­fac­tory.

Lucky No: 7 Lucky Colour: Grey


(NOV 23 - DEC 21)

It is bet­ter to make things eas­ier for your­self on the aca­demic front by tak­ing out­side help. Re­main­ing se­cre­tive about cer­tain is­sues may send out wrong sig­nals. If financial in­de­pen­dence is what you seek, that’s what you’ll get. You may feel over­bur­dened at work, if you don’t take re­course to time man­age­ment.

Lucky No: 2 Lucky Colour: White


(JUNE 22 - JULY 22)

It is bet­ter to get out of some­one’s way, if you value your self-es­teem. Those think­ing of go­ing in for a big ven­ture must do their home­work dili­gently. On the mar­i­tal front, you will need to con­trol your mood swings to main­tain har­mony. Con­sider the de­mand of a fam­ily young­ster care­fully be­fore giv­ing in.

Lucky No: 5 Lucky Colour: Bot­tle Green


(DEC 22 - JAN 21)

Some­thing done in haste may need to be done again. Don’t make tak­ing sug­ges­tions from oth­ers an ego prob­lem; it may ben­e­fit you just the same. Your ac­tions and de­meanour will be enough to ease some­one’s mind who is ag­i­tated. Tak­ing pos­i­tive strides on the aca­demic front is in­di­cated. Keep in touch with beloved.

Lucky No: 15 Lucky Colour: Dark Brown


(JULY 23 - AUG 23)

Some­thing that you are get­ting done may prove a drain on your fi­nances, but lit­tle can you do about it. Fo­cus on some­one whose as­sis­tance you may need in the fu­ture. At work, you will need to hurry to meet the dead­line. Min­imis­ing your ex­pen­di­ture will be a step in the right di­rec­tion.

Lucky No: 22 Lucky Colour: Blue


(JAN 22 - FEB 19)

Some­thing ea­gerly sought is soon to ma­te­ri­alise mak­ing your life eas­ier. Your sin­cer­ity and ded­i­ca­tion is likely to get you a pat on the back at work to­day. This is a good day to sort out per­sonal pend­ing is­sues. You’ll get to­tal sup­port on the fam­ily front for start­ing a new ven­ture or im­ple­ment­ing your ideas.

Lucky No: 3 Lucky Colour: Cream


(AUG 24 - SEPT 23)

You’re likely to get a raw deal, if you go un­pre­pared on the pro­fes­sional front, so get your act to­gether. Lay­ing ground rules on the home turf is im­por­tant for ju­niors. A pat on the back on the aca­demic front will keep you in an up­beat mood. Get­ting in­vited to a party is in­di­cated and may keep you hap­pily en­gaged.

Lucky No: 6 Lucky Colour: Cream


(FEB 20 - MAR 20)

Set­tling down in life is in­di­cated for the el­i­gi­ble. You will do well not to cast as­per­sions on some­one with­out find­ing facts. This is the time when you need to prove your met­tle on the aca­demic front. Your pop­u­lar­ity at work will prove a boon in eas­ing your prob­lems of get­ting a help­ing hand.

Lucky No: 17 Lucky Colour: Light Blue

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