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I’ve been in love with my teacher who is about three years older than me. We used to talk on What­sapp. I even pro­posed to her. But she re­jected my pro­posal. I asked her to block me on What­sapp. She did so, but then came on­line a few hours later and started chat­ting again, though, with a lot of at­ti­tude. She even told me she was en­gaged, which I later got to know was a lie. I com­pleted my stud­ies and now I’m work­ing. She didn’t even ap­pre­ci­ate the fact that I got a job. Does she love me or is she in­di­cat­ing that I move on?


XYZ, let me tell you as a three time failed psy­chol­ogy stu­dent (it got so bad try­ing to clear the exam that I had to see a psy­chi­a­trist) that you are ex­hibit­ing symp­toms of the ‘Suf­fer­ing Hero’ com­plex. By this, I mean that you are clearly try­ing to play the mar­tyr here (the tragic ro­man­tic hero). Sadly, there is noth­ing from her side which seems to show she had any se­ri­ous in­ter­est in you.

So, in other words, you thought of her as the love of all loves, and she thought of you as a TV set to turn on and off for her amuse­ment. Now she’s bored of the TV per­haps be­cause it’s the in­ter­net age, who knows? But she lied to you to shake you off. So, please leave her alone and re­mem­ber that the re­la­tion­ships be­tween hu­mans and elec­tronic goods is a se­ri­ously lim­ited one! I’m in love with a girl who has been my friend for the last three years. I’ve never told her that I love her. I know that she loves me. The prob­lem is that we both hail from dif­fer­ent re­li­gions. My fam­ily and friends have told me not to pro­ceed ahead in this re­la­tion­ship be­cause it will cre­ate prob­lems in the fu­ture. What should I do?


SK, when King Some­thing the 11th of Eng­land lis­tened to his ‘friend’, he had Thomas Beck­ett killed. And that was a huge mis­take that has haunted the English na­tion right up to their fail­ure at this year’s Rugby World Cup. Em­peror Akbar’s friends asked him to cut off all of Bir­bal’s toes for talk­ing too much. If the Em­peror had lis­tened to his pals, he would never have be­come good friends with Bir­bal.

I ask you to show the same wis­dom and ig­nore your friends. You alone will be af­fected by what you do. So, de­cide things for you by a per­son called your­self. I my­self had a love mar­riage. That they were ab­so­lutely right is an­oth- er mat­ter. The de­ci­sion was made by the cousin of your­self my­self. So man up and ride the Bronco. In the words of the worst pop song ever writ­ten “Its your Life!” I had sex with my teacher, who is eight years older than me. Now, she’s preg­nant and wants me to sup­port the child. I’m too young to leave ev­ery­thing be­hind and start a new life. Should I plan my fu­ture ac­cord­ingly or dump her and move on?

School boy

My first re­ac­tion was ‘Lucky you’, but on ex­am­in­ing the mat­ter in de­tail, I have to tell you that you are a bit un­lucky. Ac­tu­ally, this sit­u­a­tion would have been great for you only if you had lived in the golden horde of Hun­gala Khan! Those guys pil­laged, plun­dered, im­preg­nated and then would put on their most in­no­cent and orig­i­nal faces. And they never helped sup­port the child. If some­one was to ask them that who’s the fa­ther, they would al­ways point to who­ever was on their right, even if it was a foot­stool. Un­for­tu­nately, you have to be what our politi­cians never are — ac­count­able! If you dig the bed, then you got to lie in it. As the cock­ney say­ing goes — do please understand your life had changed forth­with and you do have a baby to bring up one way or an­other.

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