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ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 20) Some­one may shoot down your pre­con­ceived no­tions. Bank­ing too much on some­one to serve your in­ter­est may make that per­son a rebel. Thor­ough­ness will pre­vent you from mak­ing mis­takes at work. Work out ways to be­come fi­nan­cially se­cure. Reg­u­lar work­outs and a bal­anced diet will prove to be the key to your good health. Your self­con­fi­dence is likely to win the day for you on the aca­demic front. . Lucky Num­ber: 1; Lucky Colour: Cream TAU­RUS

(APR 21 - MAY 20) Fi­nan­cially, you are on the right track and your pru­dent in­vest­ments will find you on a strong fi­nan­cial wicket. Take your time to mull over your fu­ture course of ac­tion, as haste may spoil things for you on the aca­demic front. Try to un­der­stand the point spouse is try­ing to make by stop be­ing mul­ish. A fam­ily mem­ber may need your help. Some press­ing is­sues will keep your love life on the back­burner. Cau­tion is ad­vised for night driv­ers.

Lucky Num­ber: 8 Lucky Colour: Metal­lic Blue GEM­INI

(MAY 21 - JUNE 21) Tak­ing the easy way out won’t work on the aca­demic front. More the ef­fort, sweeter will be the suc­cess. An op­por­tu­nity to prove your point with your de­trac­tors may soon ar­rive. Get­ting nom­i­nated to a spe­cial com­mit­tee or board can­not be ruled out for some. Fi­nan­cially, you will remain on a sound wicket. Some ex­cit­ing news is likely to brighten the home front. You en­joy good health. Lucky Num­ber: 17 Lucky Colour: Navy Blue CAN­CER (JUNE 22 - JULY 22) Don’t rely too much on luck or on some­one’s as­sur­ances, tackle the mat­ter your­self. A piece of good news on the do­mes­tic front is likely to warm the cock­les of your heart. Prop­erty mat­ters will be de­cided in your favour. Keep your spend­ing un­der tight con­trol as some un­ex­pected ex­pen­di­ture is fore­seen. A long jour­ney may usher in ro­mance in the most un­ex­pected way! Some­one may need your help.

Lucky Num­ber: 22 Lucky Colour: Ma­roon LEO (JULY 23 - AUG 23) There is no point in re­act­ing to what is be­ing fed to you from time to time, as it di­verts you from your main fo­cus. Make ef­forts to gain to­tal peace of mind and stop re­act­ing to oth­ers. Mon­e­tary front re­mains strong, as you take pos­i­tive steps to con­serve money. You will en­joy good health by stick­ing to your rou­tine and es­chew­ing junk food. Love life re­mains ac­tive, as you go out of your way to rekin­dle it. Lucky Num­ber: 3 Lucky Colour: White VIRGO

(AUG 24 - SEPT 23) De­vote some time with peo­ple you know, other than those of your lit­tle co­terie of friends and re­la­tions. A phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity that you have un­der­taken may make you sweat, but prom­ises to keep you fit. Money from an out­side source will add to your sav­ings. A prop­erty is­sue shows signs of get­ting re­solved am­i­ca­bly. Take the lead in con­vinc­ing fam­ily el­ders re­gard­ing some­thing you want to do. Lucky Num­ber: 2 Lucky Colour: Sil­ver LI­BRA (SEPT 24 - OCT 23) You are in the mood to take the bull by the horns and no amount of pleas will dis­suade you from your re­solve. You may make plans of set­tling down in a house of your own. Work-re­lated travel is on the cards and may even take you over­seas. Your ded­i­ca­tion and de­ter­mi­na­tion will let you achieve your aca­demic dream. A gathering will help re­new con­tacts with those out of touch. Lucky Num­ber: 18 Lucky Colour: Sandy Brown SCOR­PIO (OCT 24 - NOV 22) You may come into the pro­mo­tion zone, so watch your step and keep a close tab on your com­peti­tors. Good show­ing on the aca­demic front will bring you a step closer to your dream. Who­ever is try­ing to put a span­ner in your works needs to be dealt with quickly. Mu­tual at­trac­tion may turn into a full-fledged ro­mance. Some­one’s in­vi­ta­tion may per­suade you to pack your bags and un­der­take the jour­ney.

Lucky Num­ber: 7 Lucky Colour: Ma­roon SAGIT­TAR­IUS (NOV 23-DEC21) You may need to act a bit smart in a sit­u­a­tion de­vel­op­ing at work to­day. Things that have been ne­glected may need to be taken up on pri­or­ity. Don’t take ex­tra re­spon­si­bil­i­ties on the aca­demic front, if they in­ter­fere with your stud­ies. A com­fort­able jour­ney is en­vis­aged for those plan­ning to travel to­day. Vis­it­ing an an­ces­tral house can­not be ruled out for some. Those want­ing to dis­pose of prop­erty are likely to find a few will­ing clients. Lucky Num­ber: 11 Lucky Colour: Pink CAPRI­CORN

(DEC 22-JAN 21) Mak­ing the most of what an op­por­tu­nity has to of­fer is in­di­cated and will help boost your ca­reer. You may con­trib­ute to­wards im­prov­ing the work­place en­vi­ron­ment and mak­ing it more pro­fes­sional. On the ro­man­tic front, you may choose to spend more time with the one you love. Your mantra of re­main­ing fit is daily work­outs. A mon­e­tary help de­sired by some will be forth­com­ing.Health will be per­fect. Lucky Num­ber: 4 Lucky Colour: Laven­der AQUAR­IUS

(JAN 22 -FEB 19) Meet­ing peo­ple and re­main­ing in touch with those you can’t meet will make you ever pop­u­lar on the so­cial front. You will man­age to achieve what you have set out for. Luck favours you on the fi­nan­cial front. On the so­cial front, a fam­ily gathering will prove en­joy­able. Love is in the air, so ex­pect cupid’s ar­row to strike you soon! Trav­el­ling in the com­pany of friends is fore­seen and will be fun. Lucky Num­ber: 9 Lucky Colour: Cho­co­late PISCES (FEB 20 - MAR 20) Keep­ing the right at­ti­tude will be in your in­ter­est, es­pe­cially if it per­tains to your re­la­tion­ship with oth­ers. Your re­luc­tance to change will only af­fect you men­tally, so avail any of­fer of a change of scene that comes your way. Some­one from the op­po­site camp may warm up to your un­wa­ver­ing at­ten­tion A young­ster at home will need to be dis­ci­plined, but deal with a soft glove. Lucky Num­ber: 11 Lucky Colour: Light Red

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