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Anew study con­firms that cy­cling is one of the best forms of ex­er­cise when it comes to los­ing weight or keep­ing trim.

Re­searchers from the Lon­don School of Hy­giene and Trop­i­cal Medicine, UK, in­ves­ti­gated the re­la­tion­ship be­tween this com­mon means of trans­port and the risk of obe­sity. They stud­ied 72,999 men and 83,667 women, be­tween the ages of 40 and 60.

Com­par­ing the daily modes of trans­port of 1,50,000 par­tic­i­pants re­vealed that cy­cling was one of the most ef­fec­tive forms of ex­er­cise.

The re­searchers found that the most com­mon means of com­mut­ing was the car or pub­lic trans­port, used by 64% of men and 61% of women. Ac­tive modes of trans­port such as walk­ing and cy­cling were used by 23% of men and 24% of women.

Over­all, those who didn’t com­mute to work by car or pub­lic trans­port had lower lev­els of body fat. Plus, ac­tive com­muters, who got to work by bikes, had lower BMIs (Body Mass In­dex) than those who walked to work.

Com­muters who favoured cy­cling had the low­est BMIs. For the av­er­age man in the sam­ple cy­cling to the work­place was as­so­ci­ated with a weight dif­fer­ence of 5kg, as com­pared to driv­ing or us­ing pub­lic trans­port.


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