‘We talk about booze, sex, women... what else?’

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He has the blue eyes of his fa­ther Raj Kapoor, and at the age of 70, they still twin­kle mer­rily. One of the best-known ro­man­tic heroes of his gen­er­a­tion, Rand­hir Kapoor de­fies age as just a num­ber and says that life is all about laugh­ing, drink­ing and en­joy­ing with the fam­ily as long as one lives.

About any spe­cial plans to ring in his 70th birthday to­day, the ac­tor quips that it’s go­ing to be im­promptu. “You don’t need prepa­ra­tions for a fam­ily gath­er­ing. We have one al­most ev­ery night where we meet, laugh, get drunk and come back home. We’re one fam­ily that’s happy among our­selves,” says Rand­hir.

While Kapoor fam­ily get­to­geth­ers have al­ways been the talk of the town, one won­ders what dom­i­nates the clan con­ver­sa­tion at th­ese khan­daani par­ties. “Booze, women, sex, dirty jokes… what else?” guf­faws Rand­hir. “We don’t sulk and cry on each other’s shoul­ders. We don’t do any bitch­ing or back­bit­ing about other peo­ple in the fra­ter­nity. We’re not even con­cerned about what any­one else is do­ing in life. We’re so busy among our­selves – too busy to bother about oth­ers.”

And do they also talk about the next gen­er­a­tion of Kapoors — their re­la­tion­ship sta­tus, mar­riage plans, films? Rand­hir says, “We’re like the stock ex­change — we know ev­ery­thing that’s hap­pen­ing in the fam­ily. Since our kids are in the same pro­fes­sion, we all know how they’re placed. As a joke, maybe, we dis­cuss their girl­friends, boyfriends, mar­riage etc, but not with an in­ten­tion of in­ter­fer­ing.”

In the Kapoor clan, he adds, “ev­ery­one is free to take their de­ci­sions in life. We’re very united, we’re to­gether all the time – to eat, drink, and sing, but we don’t in­ter­fere in each other’s busi­ness.”

Asked to re­count a spe­cial birthday mem­ory, Rand­hir gets emo­tional, say­ing, “All birthdays are good. You’re get­ting closer to death. You’re get­ting older. You can smile and laugh at it. It doesn’t have to be bad. We all have to go one day. So I just want God to bless me with good health.”



Rand­hir Kapoor (above); and the en­tire Kapoor clan at a party

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