Man’s love: I love you till I get that girl sit­ting there

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I started fall­ing for my friend a long time back. When I got to know that she was com­mit­ted, I was hurt. She broke up with her boyfriend six months back and my hopes rekin­dled. But, she patched up with him. How should I tackle this prob­lem? YC

YC firstly a be­lated Happy Valen­tine’s Day. On sec­ond thoughts please can­cel that greet­ing, as if you had a Happy Valen­tine’s Day, not to men­tion a Happy Valen­tine, you wouldn’t be writ­ing in. Well, it looks like you missed your Aad­haar Card dead­line by 30 days. If they’ve patched up, you missed the va­cancy pe­riod. Now you’ve got to go for the long game strat­egy. To be suc­cess­ful here, you need a lot of pa­tience, a con­sis­tent ap­proach, and lots of Vi­ta­min C. Re­main friends, try to spend time with her, but don’t re­veal all your cards. (And I don’t mean Aad­haar or PAN Card here). If they’ve bro­ken up once, you can hope it hap­pens again. Stay at first slip and wait for the ball to come to you.

I’ve been in a re­la­tion­ship with a guy for the last six years. His fam­ily is con­ser­va­tive, so he got mar­ried to an­other girl. I’m emo­tion­ally at­tached to him. We of­ten have sex. But, af­ter some­time I don’t feel good about my­self. I can’t sleep at night. He says he loves me and that he doesn’t love his wife. They sleep in dif­fer­ent bed­rooms. What should I do? CS

King Hen­rique of Bel­gium’s nephew, Dou­glas. Dou­glas was in love with his cousin, Pierre’s wife. They also had re­la­tions, but when Dou­glas for­got to wish his love on her anniversary, she com­plained to the King, who had all of Dou­glas’s chest hair re­moved, pub­licly twice. In fact even to­day, if your name is Dou­glas and you are Bel­gian, then you have a bare-naked torso, for sure. Frankly, the ball is in your lover’s court. It’s his wife, and his mar­riage. He has to de­cide, which one is more im­por­tant. All you can do is ask him to choose. At the mo­ment, he’s hav­ing his cake and eat­ing it too, al­beit in sep­a­rate bed­rooms. If you want le­git­i­macy, then it’s all upto to him. But, leav­ing a wife, even one with a mous­tache, is no easy task. Ask Dou­glas.

My best friend is stuck with the mem­o­ries of her ex. The per­son she dated has not set­tled down as yet. He is 36 and 12 years older to her. At one point we started a fake Face­book pro­file on a girl’s name and sent him a friend re­quest. He ac­cepted the re­quest and wanted to meet the girl. Is this guy gen­uine? SS

SS, your per­for­mance is clearly the greatest piece of de­tec­tive work, since Sher­lock Holmes’s in ‘The Sign of 4’. But since that was a work of fic­tion, it is the greatest piece of de­tec­tive work, since the dis­cov­ery of Mon­ica Lewin­sky/Bill Clin­ton af­fair. Like most men, this guy ob­vi­ously likes to keep his op­tion open. Hence, the fa­mous North Korean say­ing which says, when a man says “I Love You”, he means “I love you till I meet the next girl, sit­ting over there”. If your friend knows all this, then what’s the prob­lem? He stands ex­posed. Un­less she’s an ab­so­lute nut, she needs to move on.

I’m in love with a guy from a neigh­bour­ing coach­ing class. I’ve con­fessed my love to him through our friends. We rarely talk and he is shy in front of me. How do I get him to com­mit to me? CON­FUSED LOVER

Why con­fess your love for this guy to your other friends? Why stop there? Get your friends to de­cide ev­ery­thing. When you go to the toi­let? Your clothes? Your hair­style? Ms. Con­fused Lover, try and un­der­stand what Artemis the Sooth­sayer meant, when he said ‘The Early Bird Catches the Worm’. It’s all about De­mand vs. Sup­ply. In Athens, at that point there were only 4 worms to ev­ery bird. And 50% of the worms were un­der­nour­ished. You also have a very lim­ited sup­ply line, so don’t won­der off to meet other birds and take their opin­ions. In­stead, go get your­self a nice, plump, healthy, worm. Him be­ing shy, is no prob­lem. Take the lead your­self. Take, prod and feel your way through.

CS your case is ex­actly the same as the case of the

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