Plants that will keep your home and of­fice cool this sum­mer

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With the tem­per­a­ture shoot­ing up to an in­fi­nite de­gree at early April, looks like a very hot sea­son is wait­ing for us. One of the most im­por­tant rea­sons for this, is less trees and more wag­ons. It’s high time for us to get back to the roots and opt for or­ganic things, con­ven­tional means of get­ting jobs done and plant­ing more trees for a bet­ter greener so­ci­ety. Harpreet Ah­luwalia, an en­vi­ron­men­tal ex­pert, throws light on how we can con­vert our homes, of­fices and schools into eco friendly cool places just by bring­ing in some air pu­ri­fy­ing plants.

Aloe vera: Hav­ing an aloe vera plant will not only come in use for nasty sun­burns, it is also ef­fec­tive at cool­ing air tem­per­a­ture as well as re­mov­ing pol­lu­tants and harm­ful virus from the air. This plant is well-known for its great medic­i­nal ben­e­fits. It helps in pro­tect­ing our house from over­heat­ing.

Areca Palm Tree: One of the most pop­u­lar liv­ing room plants of­ten con­sid­ered to be a dec­o­ra­tive house plant that also acts as a nat­u­ral air hu­mid­i­fier. The areca palm also helps in re­mov­ing ben­zene, formalde­hyde, and trichloroethy­lene from the air.

Fi­cus Tree: Com­monly known as a weep­ing fig, helps in keep­ing the air tem­per­a­ture cool as well as re­duces air pol­lu­tion and im­proves air qual­ity.

Fern: This plant helps to not only cool and hu­mid­ify the air, but like aloe vera, it is es­sen­tial for clean­ing formalde­hyde out of the air. It is one of the most ef­fec­tive air-pu­ri­fy­ing plants among all.

Golden Pothos: The golden pothos is a great plant as it re­quires lit­tle light and care, and it will keep your air cool and pu­ri­fied.



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