Some com­mon mis­takes we make while writ­ing emails and how to fix them

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Spell­ing er­rors and ty­pos while writ­ing emails are the most com­mon mis­takes which could be ex­tremely em­bar­rass­ing.

A small typo might not be no­ticed, but it’s ob­vi­ous when you ac­ci­den­tally send the en­tire of­fice your di­etary re­quire­ments for the Christ­mas party. These er­rors can be an­noy­ing and po­ten­tially detri­men­tal, if you’re ap­ply­ing for a new job and try­ing to make a great first im­pres­sion. So what should you do if you be­come the cul­prit of an email faux pas? HR pro­fes­sion­als tell you the worst mis­takes that you can make in an email and how to fix them, if it’s too late.

You hit reply all: In­stead of re­ply­ing back to a sin­gle per­son, you’ve ac­ci­den­tally sent ev­ery­one in the of­fice your RSVP to an event. It’s more an­noy­ing than any­thing else, so fol­low it up with a quick email say­ing you didn’t mean to send it to ev­ery­one and leave it at that. You wrote the wrong name: Get­ting some­one’s name wrong can be a car­di­nal sin. Ac­cord­ing to Emily Gor­ton, HR as­sis­tant at Pow­der Byrne travel agency, there’s no ex­cuse, es­pe­cially when the per­son’s name was writ­ten pre­vi­ously. “To me, it shows lack of in­ter­est and at­ten­tion to de­tail, which very early on can be a deal breaker. It can hon­estly change my mind about peo­ple,” says the HR as­sis­tant. The best thing you can do is own up and apol­o­gise as soon as pos­si­ble, Gor­ton said, even if that means send­ing another email. You pressed send too

soon: Send­ing an email off too soon has hap­pened to all of us at some point of time. Some­times it’s ob­vi­ous to the re­cip­i­ent, but other times it can look like you’re be­ing blunt. If it hap­pens to you, Gor­ton says you should send as few emails as pos­si­ble. You at­tached the wrong file: Peo­ple who are guilty of not re­nam­ing their files are prob­a­bly fa­mil­iar with this one. For this blun­der, an apol­ogy via email should be enough, un­less you’ve at­tached some­thing re­ally bad, in which case an im­me­di­ate phon-e call is prob­a­bly best.


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