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When will get a job?

(Robin, New Delhi) The pos­si­bil­ity of get­ting a job looks to be be­fore 12th May, 2019 that may not be up to the mark and you may have to change it again. Later part of 2018 es­pe­cially seems to be sig­nif­i­cant. Wear White Sap­phire & Pearls for good luck and ex­pe­di­tious re­sults.

What does fu­ture hold for me?

(Pradeep, Sa­ha­ran­pur) Well placed plan­ets prom­ise good ca­reer & fi­nan­cial prospects. You’ll be well placed in your life. Wear Emer­ald & Turquoise for good luck and pros­per­ity.

What are my ca­reer prospects and when will I go abroad?

(Karan Agar­wal, New Delhi) Pro­fes­sion­ally & fi­nan­cially you will have a very good graph. Chances of go­ing abroad look to be be­tween the age of 30 to 32. Wear Yel­low Sap­phire & Red Coral for luck and pros­per­ity.

Which job will be suit­able for me?

(Puneet, New Delhi) Teach­ing, Ac­counts, Com­puter re­lated fields, Ho­tel line or some mar­ket­ing jobs would do well. You should wear White Sap­phire & Red Coral on your right hand to en­sure speedy and good re­sults on the de­sired front.

When will I get mar­ried and what are my fu­ture prospects?

(Satin­der, Gurgaon) Good fu­ture is in store for you. You will be well placed in your life. The like­li­hood of get­ting you mar­ried seems to be in the later part of 2018. Wear­ing of White Sap­phire & Pearls would bring luck.

When will I get a job or go abroad?

(Ka­mal, Meerut) Pos­si­bil­ity of go­ing abroad is def­i­nitely in­di­cated but I don’t fore­see any set­tle­ment there. How­ever, time of get­ting the job looks to be from 9th Nov, 2017 to 8th Nov 2018. Wear­ing of Yel­low Sap­phire & Red Coral would bring good re­sults on the de­sired end.

When will I con­ceive?

(Radhika, Pa­ni­pat) Pos­si­bil­ity of be­ing blessed with the child is much in­di­cated in your birth chart. Its strong ma­te­ri­al­iza­tion seems to be be­fore 7th July, 2019. Later part of 2018 seems to be highly sig­nif­i­cant for this ob­jec­tive. Wear Emer­ald & Turquoise for good re­sults.

What shape will my ca­reer take place in near fu­ture?

(Sub­hash, Ro­htak) New de­vel­op­ments on the ca­reer front are fore­seen from 11th Sep, 2017 to 10th Sep, 2018. Wear Yel­low Sap­phire & Red Coral for luck.

When will we be able to buy our own house?

(San­jeev Sharma, New Delhi) Good time for buy­ing the prop­erty or own­ing the house is in progress. How­ever, strong pos­si­bil­ity pre­vails in later part of 2019. Wear Yel­low Sap­phire & Red Coral for ex­pe­di­tious re­sults.

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