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I am in re­la­tion­ship with a girl. But, the prob­lem is that one of her friends has a crush on me and al­ways tries to in­ter­fere in my re­la­tion­ship. My girl­friend is up­set be­cause of her be­hav­iour. How should I avoid her? Con­fused Soul

Con­fused soul or should I say, love ras­cal? Love is not rocket sci­ence — this is a quote by Chi­nese Philoso­pher Fan Ling, who used this quote be­fore rock­ets were in­vented. You ob­vi­ously en­joy the at­ten­tion, which is okay in a lim­ited ca­pac­ity, but the an­swer you seek is pretty sim­ple. Ac­cord­ing to Sage Dharamveer, you have to fol­low a 3-step process. First, go into the for­est. Sec­ond, turn your head to the sky. Third, whether you ig­nore this girl, or tell her not to waste her time by bark­ing up your….er tree. If you truly love your girl­friend, you gotta shake the other girl lose. And you can avoid her by sim­ply avoid­ing her.

I have been chat­ting with a girl for a while now. I know she is in­ter­ested in me. I am scared of ask­ing her out be­cause if she says no, she may stop talk­ing to me. What should I do? AT

But, AT why are you scared to ask her out? Have you heard that she turns into a were­wolf, when out­side? Does she have crim­i­nal cases pend­ing against her. Then you’ve al­ready done bet­ter than the av­er­age In­dian male. (We nor­mally have imag­i­nary con­ver­sa­tions with our lovers). Also please go online and check, if you can buy some courage. Stop feel­ing all this fear. Yes, ask her out. That is the next step af­ter chat­ting, and en­gag­ing in reg­u­lar con­ver­sa­tion. There’s no guar­an­tees in life, but please try and do some­thing, while the girl is still un­der 75 years of age.

I am 55 and last year I fell in love with a widow, who is 10 years younger to me. I of­ten visit her at the small shop that she runs. I even give her gifts and help her fi­nan­cially. Re­cently, she stopped talk­ing to me. She has asked me stop vis­it­ing her be­cause she may get a bad name in the so­ci­ety. Please help. RKJ

RKJ, con­grat­u­la­tions firstly on your choice of younger lover. 10 years younger than you is great news. Well done. I’m not a fan of the money thing though. Did you want her to be your lover or are you an NGO? Also she seems a lit­tle so­cially em­bar­rassed by the whole song and dance for what­ever rea­son. I sug­gest you take this off­line and talk to her pri­vately. Con­cen­trate on the friend­ship and avoid loud ges­tures in pub­lic. First, she needs to en­gage on a more per­sonal level. Build her con­fi­dence, and avoid ‘love’ dona­tions. That’s only needed, if you are in a cult.

I am in love with a girl who likes my dim­ples. We chat a lot and I talk to her in a ro­man­tic man­ner. I think she also likes me. What should I do? SS

SS, so let me get this straight. You are bas­ing the girl’s feel­ing for you on the fact that she likes your dim­ples? King Con­stan­tine IV of Turkey (then known as Bu­pana­gar), did the same thing with his first wife, Ig­norus the IV. He mar­ried her on the ba­sis that all her toes were stuck to­gether even though knee up­ward, she was ‘Go­daw­ful’ to look at. Need­less to say, the mar­riage didn’t last. SS, I say stop fo­cussing on your fam­ily’s pride and joy, your dim­ples, and carry on your other good work. And by that, I mean your ro­man­tic over­tures. She likes you and you like her. So you don’t need my help. Just my thumbs up. Keep go­ing, dim­ples and all.

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