Love be­longs to the tor­toise

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I like a friend, who was ear­lier my class­mate. At times, she shows an in­ter­est in me, but some­times, she pays no at­ten­tion. I want to con­fess to her that I like her. What should Ido? Feared

Feared, your sit­u­a­tion seems to be all about tim­ing. Ac­cord­ing to your­self, she shows in­ter­est in you at cer­tain times; let’s say, be­tween 2 pm and 3 pm. Other times, she shows no in­ter­est; let’s say be­tween 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm. Clearly, you need to make your case be­tween 2 pm and 3 pm then. Don’t con­fess any­thing to her or the C.B.I. Just use the time when she’s more friendly to your ad­van­tage. Love be­longs to the tor­toise, though hares breed more.

I have a crush on a girl from my class. Two of my friends also have a crush on her. She is an in­tro­vert. A lot of things about her come to my mind. How do I clear my mind of all th­ese things? Psy

You are ask­ing to eat your choco­late cake and lose weight at the same time. Be true to your­self, Psy. Do you want her in love or not? If you just want to be her friend, why did you write in? There are no long queues to be friends. It looks like you have fallen for her. You bet­ter move fast, you have two com­peti­tors, who might both be taller than you, and may wear bet­ter shoes. Don’t worry about her be­ing shy, and fig­ure out what ‘you’ re­ally want. Move fast, or lose the ‘Belle of the Ball’.

I broke up with my ex be­cause he was a pervert. My new boyfriend loves me. I am un­able to tell him that I had kissed my ex be­cause he would get hurt. How do I re­veal the truth? CV

In my book, “truth is the big­gest lie”. I’ve an­swered your query beau­ti­fully. But please don’t read the se­quel “lies are some­times lies”. That may con­fuse you no end. Stop th­ese ‘filmi’ rev­e­la­tions at once. En­joy your new boyfriend, who, I take it, is not yet a pervert. And please stay away from your not-so-golden oldie, okay?

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