Curry leaves for beauty care

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Curry leaves are very pop­u­lar in In­dia for flavour­ing dishes. Some peo­ple also re­fer to them as “sweet neem.” Apart from adding aroma and flavour to food, curry leaves are said to have many other ben­e­fits. They have been used in herbal medicine and as home reme­dies for many ail­ments.

Curry leaves are a boon for skin and hair health owing to the high con­tent of Vi­ta­min A and C and many vi­tal nu­tri­ents. Con­tem­po­rary life­style habits play havoc on both skin and hair and get­ting them treated by ex­perts ev­ery now and then is an ex­pen­sive affair. Thus, this in­gre­di­ent is an es­sen­tial home rem­edy that solves many prob­lems. Its con­sump­tion helps in treat­ing pre-ma­ture grey­ing of hair caused by stress, al­co­hol con­sump­tion and smok­ing. It also helps in re­tain­ing the nat­u­ral color and hair shine, be­sides pre­vent­ing hair fall. Fur­ther, the clog­ging of hair fol­li­cles, caused by pol­lu­tion, ar­ti­fi­cial hair prod­ucts and harsh treat­ments is also treated by boost­ing scalp restora­tion process.

Fur­ther, curry leaves not only help in bring­ing a glow to the face, it also res­tores the skin health by treat­ing the dam­age. Num­ber of prod­ucts used by women to­day cause var­i­ous skin prob­lems, skin wrin­kling is one of them. To get rid of wrin­kles, make a fine paste of curry leaves pow­der, mul­tani mitti and few drops of rose wa­ter and ap­ply on the face and neck. Wash off once it has dried com­pletely. Fur­ther, it also helps in fight­ing skin rad­i­cals to give it a fresh and healthy glow be­sides cur­ing tan­ning and acne.

Make a paste of curry leaves and add one ta­ble­spoon olive oil or sesame seed (til) oil. Ap­ply on the scalp. Wash off after an hour. This helps to re­move dan­druff flakes and pre­vent dan­druff. It also has an­tibac­te­rial prop­er­ties and fights in­fec­tion, im­part­ing health and vi­tal­ity to the hair.

A paste of curry leaves can be added to Fuller’s Earth and one tea­spoon each rose wa­ter, honey and curd. Mix into a paste and ap­ply on the face once or twice a week. Wash it off after 20 min­utes. This helps to heal and pre­vent erup­tive con­di­tions, like pim­ples, acne or rash.


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