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When my chances are there for go­ing abroad. I’ll start my own busi­ness in abroad or not?

(Naveen Bansal, New Delhi) Go­ing abroad is def­i­nitely in­di­cated but I don’t fore­see any set­tle­ment or busi­ness there in overseas. Wear White Sap­phire and Pearls for good luck and pros­per­ity.

When will I con­ceive?

(Rad­hika, Sa­ha­ran­pur) Pos­si­bil­ity of be­ing blessed with the child is much in­di­cated in your birth chart. Its strong ma­te­ri­al­iza­tion seems to be be­fore 16th Aug 2018. Later part of 2017 seems to be highly sig­nif­i­cant for this ob­jec­tive. Wear­ing of Yel­low Sap­phire and Red Co­ral would help in yield­ing good re­sults.

Will I get mar­ried to whom which I love?

(Savita, Gur­gaon) Pos­si­bil­ity of the ma­te­ri­al­iza­tion of the cur­rent love mar­riage looks to be bleak. It would have been bet­ter if you had sent the de­tails of the guy also for more sat­is­fac­tory re­sults.

When will I get a job for sat­is­fac­tion?

(Rakesh Jain, Meerut) Time would re­main strug­gle­ful till 19th Sep 2018. How­ever, some change in the job is much in­di­cated even in later part of 2017 that may not be up to the mark. Things would im­prove af­ter that. Wear White Sap­phire & Red Co­ral to ex­pe­ri­ence good re­sults.

Which job will be suit­able for me?

(San­jay, Palam­pur) Teach­ing, ac­counts, com­puter re­lated fields, Ho­tel line or some Mar­ket­ing jobs would do well. You should wear Yel­low Sap­phire & Red Co­ral on your right hand to en­sure speedy and good re­sults on the de­sired front.

Is there any chance of go­ing abroad? Which pro­fes­sion will suit me?

(Praveen, Ya­mu­nana­gar) Yours is a for­eign linked horo­scope and hence I fore­see your per­ma­nent set­tle­ment there in overseas. Go­ing for MBA would do well. Test out Blue Sap­phire for good luck and speedy re­sults.

When will I get a job and which stone should I wear?

(Lokesh, Hye­drabad) Time is not sat­is­fac­tory on the job front till 16th June 2018. How­ever, pos­si­bil­ity of get­ting the job looks to be later part of 2017, but the job may not be up to the mark. Wear­ing of Red Co­ral & Turquoise would help in bring­ing good luck and pros­per­ity.

When & where will I get mar­ried and will he fi­nally set­tle in In­dia or abroad?

(Ashu, Agra) The mar­riage seems to be be­tween the age of 28 to 30. 30th seems to be strong for mar­riage. You should wear Yel­low Sap­phire and Red Co­ral to reap good re­wards.

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