5 ways to pre­vent back pain at work

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Sit­ting, they say is the new ‘smok­ing’ that is harm­ing more peo­ple ev­ery day. Long pe­ri­ods of sit­ting in an in­cor­rect pos­ture and in­dis­crim­i­nate de­pen­dency on tech­nol­ogy is con­sid­ered the lead­ing cause of life­style dis­eases like neck and low back pain. The av­er­age of­fice goes spends up to 10 hours sit­ting in front of the com­puter/meet­ings and an­other hour driv­ing. The fo­cus needs to be on find­ing ways to strengthen the body so that one may sit for longer pe­ri­ods with­out in­juries.

To com­bat these is­sues, points to keep in mind are:

The chair height should be lower than your work ta­ble so that the com­puter is slightly below the eye level.

Have a chair with com­fort­able arm rests, where you can rest your el­bows and pre­vent your shoul­der from be­ing in a hunched po­si­tion

For peo­ple with low back pain, plac­ing a cush­ion on the chair helps in re­leas­ing stiff­ness around the back and up­per thighs

Walk­ing for short in­ter­vals is the best an­ti­dote to low back pain. Take walk­ing breaks for ev­ery 1-2 hours. This pre­vents the ham­strings and up­per thighs from be­com­ing stiff and helps them loosen up.

Avoid cross­ing legs or an­kles while sit­ting. This leads to most of your weight to lean to a side of the pelvis, lead­ing to pelvic in­sta­bil­ity and low back pain.

In a seated po­si­tion, stretch­ing the spine to one side alternatively to­wards the floor helps pre­vent this.

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