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What are my ca­reer prospects in Med­i­cal field?

(Piyush, New Delhi) Med­i­cal pro­fes­sion suits you well. You need to work very hard to get your goals achieved, as I fore­see some hur­dles in get­ting the goals achieved. Wear­ing of Yel­low Sap­phire & Pearls would prove to be lucky for you.

When will I con­ceive?

(Man­preet, Meerut) Pos­si­bil­ity of be­ing blessed with the child is much in­di­cated in your birth chart. Its strong ma­te­ri­al­iza­tion seems to be be­fore 12th Aug 2019. Later part of 2018 seems to be highly sig­nif­i­cant for this ob­jec­tive. Wear­ing of White Sap­phire & Red Coral would help in yield­ing good re­sults.

Will I get a pro­mo­tion in job this year?

(Su­man, Gurgaon) Chances of be­ing el­e­vated in to the job in this year seem to be high. Wear Emer­ald & Turquoise would bring luck and pros­per­ity.

When will I go abroad?

(Dheeraj, Sonepat) Yours is a for­eign linked horoscope and I fore­see your ul­ti­mate set­tle­ment in over­seas. Things would start tak­ing shape on the de­sired front from 10th May 2018 to 9th May 2019. Test out Blue Sap­phire to reap good re­wards.

Will I be able to get a pro­mo­tion and ad­vance­ment in my ca­reer?

(Amita, Rohtak) Cer­tainly you will have a good en­hance­ment in your ca­reer. You would be well set­tled in your life. But you will get ev­ery­thing af­ter strug­gling a lot. Wear Emer­ald & Turquoise to reap good re­wards in your life.

When will I get mar­ried? Will it be love or ar­ranged?

(Heena, Palam­pur) The mar­riage seems to be of your choice. Its strong ma­te­ri­al­iza­tion seems to be around the age of Thirty. Wear­ing of White Sap­phire & Pearls would prove to be lucky for you.

When will I get a good job & in which field?

(Vivek Arora, Sa­ha­ran­pur) Pos­si­bil­ity of get­ting a good job seems to be from 16th Oct 2017 to 15th Oct 2018. Bank­ing or Me­dia re­lated fields would es­pe­cially bring good re­sults. Wear­ing of Yel­low Sap­phire & Red Coral would be lucky.

Which pro­fes­sion is most suit­able for me?

(Ra­jesh Singla, Ya­mu­nana­gar) Com­put­ers, Law Teach­ing or Con­sul­tancy ser­vices would do well. Test out Blue Sap­phire to en­sure good re­sults on your pro­fes­sional front.

When will we have a child?

(Shilpa, Gurgaon) Pos­si­bil­ity of be­ing blessed with the child looks in be be­tween 16th Nov 2017 to 15th Nov 2019. How­ever, yoga for this would com­mence af­ter 12th June 2018. You should wear Emer­ald & Turquoise on your right hand to ex­pe­ri­ence good re­sults.

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