Nat­u­ral tips to get rid of sticky sum­mer skin

Hindustan Times (Patna) - Live - - Time Out - (With in­puts from beauty ex­perts Mal­lika Gamb­hir and Purn­ima Goyal)

Sum­mer is not a happy sea­son for those with ov­er­en­thu­si­as­tic se­ba­ceous glands. The eat turns your face into an oil ield and makeup wors­ens the prob­lem, clog­ging pores that ead to pim­ples and white­heads. Most peo­ple end up us­ing harsh cleansers which leave the skin ex­ces­sively dry. This di­rects the se­ba­ceous glands to pro­duce more oil, mak­ing it a never-end­ing cy­cle. So, we spoke to beauty ex­perts for tips to get rid of that sticky, oily face in sum­mer with­out re­sort­ing to strong chem­i­cals. Soak pome­gran­ate peel in wa­ter overnight. Use this wa­ter to bathe and to wash your face. You can also add few drops of mint juice in the wa­ter as these in­gre­di­ents have a cool­ing ef­fect on the skin. Mud-based packs can un­clog pores as it soaks up ex­tra oil and dries up acne. Use a home-made mask made of fuller’s earth (mul­tani mitti) and a few drops of tea tree oil. You can also make a pack of san­dal­wood pow­der, or­ange peel, and mul­tani mitti. Leave on for 15-20 min­utes and wash off with wa­ter. Re­place harsh soaps with nat­u­ral cleansers such as mul­tani mitti. Gen­tle cleansers with salicylic acid can also help clean pores with­out dry­ing up your skin. To get rid of white­heads, ap­ply lightly warmed honey on the prob­lem ar­eas, such as T-zone. You can also make a scrub with honey, le­mon peel pow­der, and oat­meal. Leave it on for 20 min­utes and mas­sage gen­tly be­fore wash­ing it off. Use a cool­ing face mask, such as one made with yo­ghurt, cu­cum­ber and tomato pulp, along with 1 tsp mint juice. A mix­ture of egg whites and le­mon is an­other ef­fec­tive rem­edy for oily skin. For this, mix one egg white with 1 tsp le­mon juice, leav­ing it on un­til the pack dries up. Wash off with luke­warm wa­ter. Take half a glass of water­melon juice and add 3 tsp mint juice. Pour into an ice tray and freeze. Rub the ice cubes on your face to re­duce pores and re­fresh your skin. Green tea is loaded with an­tiox­i­dants. It helps re­duce acne and min­imise pores, apart from re­duc­ing oili­ness. You may sim­mer green tea leaves for a few min­utes. Once cool, splash the wa­ter on your face. An­other tip is to boil sage leaves and wash your face with it once the wa­ter cools. Sage is con­sid­ered one of the best cures for ex­ces­sive sweat­ing. You can also drink a herbal brew made of sage leaves with honey to keep your body cool. Do not make the mis­take of skip­ping mois­turiser in sum­mers. Pick up a light, oil­free, non-come­do­genic mois­turiser that will keep your skin re­plen­ished. If your skin be­comes too dry, your se­ba­ceous glands will go on an over­drive and end up pro­duc­ing more oil. Mix 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in aloe vera gel and ap­ply on your face.


Pome­gran­ate peel has a cool­ing ef­fect

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