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BRACE YOUR­SELF! The air is charged and the lineup, even more so. Au­gust to De­cem­ber is when the tech world loses all con­trol as ru­mours and care­fully cu­rated leaks, by the com­pa­nies them­selves, come in at the speed of light.


The big­gest ru­mours are from Ap­ple as they re­lease most of their big­gies around this time. Ex­pect an all-new line-up of MacBook Pros, with a brand new form fac­tor, OLED screens, a fin­ger­print scan­ner, a big­ger touch­pad (that can use the Ap­ple pen­cil as a drawing board), new 3D touch mouse con­trols, a touch­screen strip (in place of func­tion buttons) that can do much more in­clud­ing no­ti­fi­ca­tions and the ab­sence of the head­phone jack (hope not, as that would be a dis­as­ter).


Poké­mon Go may have done more for Mi­crosoft than for Nin­tendo, as it got peo­ple to un­der­stand Aug­mented Re­al­ity. The Hololens is the first ‘no wires’ holo­graphic sys­tem that is com­pletely self-con­tained. It mixes the re­al­ity will prob­a­bly just come up with tech­nol­ogy for other au­tomak­ers and not be­come a Tesla com­peti­tor them­selves. Un­less Ap­ple buys out Tesla. That would be so much fun!


The next big gam­ing con­sole may not be the PS5 but the one in-be­tween. The PS 4.5 is an all-out ul­tra HD sys­tem that can play full 4K videos as well as 4K games, and that is a dra­matic jump in gam­ing power, if true. The 4.5 will also be able to han­dle Vir­tual Re­al­ity games, be com­pat­i­ble with PlayS­ta­tion’s VR head­set and man­age a very high res­o­lu­tion. If they re­lease this in the next few months, it will blow the next-gen Mi­crosoft con­sole to bits.


If it hadn’t been for Poké­mon Go, I’m not sure many peo­ple would have been in­ter­ested in what Nin­tendo does next. Well, now they are. The NX is sup­posed to be a rad­i­cal de­par­ture in con­soles, where the con­troller has an in­built screen. You can play it even if you’re not next to the con­sole, as the games are streamed to you. Your smart­phones can also be brought in as part of the gam­ing sys­tem and ap­par­ently, the game play is at an all new level of VR in­ter­ac­tiv­ity. I hope they pull it off as Nin­tendo usu­ally fol­lows a suc­cess with a huge dud!


To be out this year, it’ll be more ex­pen­sive, thin­ner with sin­gle glass con­struc­tion, dif­fer­ent look­ing with a three-day bat­tery life and its own LTE slot. I’m go­ing to dis­miss most of th­ese. It maybe thin­ner, but it will look the same, and might draw a bit more bat­tery life. Most of the changes will con­tinue to come with soft­ware func­tion­al­ity.

The Ap­ple Watch is not in a very ex­cit­ing space right now.


Most peo­ple seem to think that the slow mov­ing and al­most dead smart­watch mar­ket has only Ap­ple sell­ing a few pieces.

Here’s a wake-up call. The broader fit­ness wear­able mar­ket is dom­i­nated com­pletely by Fit­bit, with ship­ments close to three times that of Ap­ple. The new Alta and

Blaze de­vices have been huge hits and now, ru­mours of two new de­vices are tak­ing shape. The Charge 2 may have a brand new form fac­tor and all new sen­sors with a two week bat­tery life, and the Surge 2 may well be a full run­ners watch cum a ful­lyfea­tured Smart­watch. Ru­mours are also strong that an Ap­ple bid for Fit­bit was re­jected re­cently. Never a dull mo­ment in the world of tech!

That’s a small syn­op­sis of the ex­cit­ing times ahead. As al­ways, watch this space in the next few months.


The fit­ness wear­able mar­ket is dom­i­nated by Fit­bit


es­pite strong ru­mours, Ap may not come out with an iCar

NOT-SO-EX­CIT­ING The Ap­ple Watch may be thin­ner but will look the same

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