Traf­fic cops to de­mar­cate space for auto stands

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THANE: The Thane traf­fic depart­ment has ini­ti­ated a sur­vey of au­torick­shaw stands in the city and its im­pact on the city traf­fic.

The sur­vey was un­der­taken af­ter grow­ing con­cern over au­tos parked hap­haz­ardly any­where on the roads out­side the space al­loted for auto stands.

The newly ap­pointed deputy po­lice com­mis­sioner of traf­fic, San­deep Palave said the three main causes of traf­fic con­ges­tion are nar­row roads, high den­sity of ve­hi­cles and au­torick­shaws and no driv­ing sense.

Palave said, “It is nec­es­sary to dis­ci­pline the au­torick­shaws which will help to de­con­gest the city traf­fic to some ex­tend. We have un­der­taken the sur­vey of the auto rick­shaw stands in the city which will be com­pleted in one week. Based on the sur­vey we will di­vide the auto stands in three cat­e­gories, small, medium and large.”

The traf­fic cops will de­mar­cate space for the auto stands in each of these cat­e­gories. The stands will have proper rail­ings to pre­vent the au­tos from park­ing out­side the stands.

“We have done this as a pi­lot project in Shivaji Chowk near Kalwa Naka which has helped to re­duce some traf­fic on this junc­tion,” Palve added.

The depart­ment has also un­der­taken sev­eral other ini­tia­tives to de­con­gest traf­fic. “We have in­creased the peo­ple on the road rather than in the traf­fic unit of­fices. The traf­fic cops on the junc­tions will also work in eight hour shifts so we can man the junc­tions for longer hours,” Palve said.

The depart­ment has iden­ti­fied traf­fic con­ges­tion points in the in­te­rior of the city like schools, col­leges or nar­row lanes, which will be con­tin­u­ously mon­i­tored by two traf­fic cops. The roads marred by il­le­gal park­ing will also be mon­i­tored hence­forth to en­sure the road is not blocked by them.

Palve added, “The traf­fic of heavy ve­hi­cles will also be closely mon­i­tored and any­body who tries to en­ter the city dur­ing the peak hours will not only be fined but the ve­hi­cles will be seized and al­lowed to go only at night.”

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