In his first ever re­ac­tion on the Kan­gana Ra­naut is­sue, Hrithik Roshan says he has never met her ‘one on one’

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Hrithik Roshan and Kan­gana Ra­naut have been at log­ger­heads for a long time now — she said that they had an af­fair; he re­ported in a po­lice com­plaint that she was a delu­sional per­son who sent him 3,000 emails. Although Kan­gana has spo­ken about it on var­i­ous pub­lic plat­forms, Hrithik has re­mained silent all this while. Now, in a first, the ac­tor has is­sued a statement on their le­gal bat­tle. We re­pro­duce ex­cerpts:

“I choose to be on a path of cre­ativ­ity, pro­duc­tiv­ity and constructive work. Any­thing that isn’t in align­ment with that, I tend to ig­nore, side­step and treat as a dis­trac­tion...I be­lieve that [ig­nor­ing], non­re­ac­tion and stay­ing on the path of dig­nity is the best way to dis­cour­age any per­sis­tent un­wanted in­tru­sions. But just [as] a nag­ging health is­sue, some­times ig­nored, can turn ma­lig­nant, this sit­u­a­tion for me has un­for­tu­nately turned ma­lig­nant. In case of the mat­ter at hand, it seems the me­dia has no in­ten­tion of let­ting go. I don’t see any grace in adding to this cir­cus by tes­ti­fy­ing in de­fence of my char­ac­ter in a sit­u­a­tion that I have no in­volve­ment in what­so­ever. I have been dragged into a dirty per­verse mess with­out a choice in the mat­ter. This is some­thing that is not of my mak­ing.

“The truth is, I have never met the lady in ques­tion oneon-one in my en­tire life. Yes, we have worked to­gether, but there has been no meet­ing in pri­vate. Please un­der­stand: I am not fight­ing an al­le­ga­tion of an af­fair. Or be­ing child­ish and try­ing to up­hold a ‘good guy’ im­age. I am very aware of my faults; I am hu­man.

“I am, in fact, pro­tect­ing my­self from some­thing far more se­ri­ous, sen­si­tive and de­struc­tive than that. Sadly, very few from the me­dia or the pub­lic seem to be in­ter­ested in the truth. This has been a hard-learned fact for me. If the peo­ple are com­fort­able with a lie be­cause it doesn’t threaten their model of the world where a girl is the vic­tim and the man the ag­gres­sor, then so be it. I am ok with that, too. Women have suf­fered cen­turies of abuse at the hands of men, and it in­fu­ri­ates me how some men can be so bru­tal and they de­serve the harsh­est pun­ish­ment. But by that logic, if it or­dains that one man can’t be vul­ner­a­ble and one woman can’t be a liar, so be it. I’m okay with that, too.

“An al­leged seven-year long, pas­sion­ate af­fair be­tween two high-pro­file celebri­ties with no trail left be­hind. No ev­i­dence, no pa­parazzi pic­tures, no wit­nesses, not even a me­mento in pos­ses­sion like a selfie taken at the al­leged en­gage­ment, which is claimed to have hap­pened in Paris in Jan 2014. Noth­ing that con­sti­tutes an ex­change or any sort of proof of a ro­man­tic re­la­tion­ship. Yet we want to be­lieve the other party be­cause the rhetoric is: why would a girl lie?

“My pass­port de­tails show no travel out­side the coun­try in Jan 2014, which is the date [when] this al­leged en­gage­ment sup­pos­edly took place. In Paris. The only so­called proof pre­sented of this al­leged ‘re­la­tion­ship’ was a pho­to­shopped pic­ture in the me­dia. This was im­me­di­ately ex­posed the very next day by friends, in­clud­ing my ex-wife.

“Th­ese ques­tions are not even asked, be­cause we are taught to pro­tect the woman, as we should. I my­self have been brought up to think the same way, by my par­ents and the won­der­ful women in my life who have been my rock and sup­port sys­tem. I’m deeply grate­ful to them. I will do my best to teach my chil­dren the same val­ues of fam­ily and dig­nity. And yes, I will teach them to stand up for women. Al­ways. There are 3,000 one-sided emails which ei­ther I have sent to my­self or the woman in ques­tion has sent to me. The Cy­ber-Crime Dept. can prove or dis­prove ei­ther story in just a few days. To­wards that pur­pose, I have sur­ren­dered all my de­vices, in­clud­ing lap­tops, phones, etc. which are still with the cy­ber cell, but the other party has re­fused to do so. The in­ves­ti­ga­tion hasn’t been closed.

“This is not, and I re­peat, not a lovers’ spat. I humbly re­quest peo­ple to stop la­belling it as one, and, for a sec­ond, try and see it for what it re­ally is. I have been ha­rassed by this for four years and the wellmean­ing and prob­a­bly nec­es­sary so­cial bias to­wards women has deemed me help­less in de­fend­ing my­self.

“I am not an­gry. I have sel­dom al­lowed anger into my life. I have not had a sin­gle fight in my life with a man or a woman. Even in my di­vorce, there was no fight. I and those around me have al­ways cho­sen peace. I am not here to ac­cuse or judge any­one, but it’s time I de­fend the truth, be­cause when truth suf­fers, the col­lec­tive con­scious­ness of so­ci­ety suf­fers. Civ­i­liza­tion suf­fers. Closer to home, fam­i­lies suf­fer. Chil­dren suf­fer.”

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