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A num­ber of new ac­tors have gone on record say­ing that they are in awe of SRK – the su­per­star...

You know, some­times, a lot of co-ac­tors and co-ac­tresses tell me, ‘Peo­ple don’t know it, but you are so sim­ple’. But I al­ways say that it’s [the per­cep­tion] from the out­side. A lot of them [ac­tors and direc­tors], when they start out, they don’t know me well, but when they work with me and be­come friendly enough, then they turn around and say that [I am sim­ple]. That’s why I don’t think the sim­plic­ity has gone away, but yes, I have more life ex­pe­ri­ence now. And I can’t deny that.

You have been a part of so many block­busters in the past 25 years. How do you look back at all the work, es­pe­cially your ro­man­tic hero im­age?

It’s like ask­ing some­one if he puts in a lot of thought be­fore ty­ing his shoelaces. Also, one can eas­ily wear the shirt and trousers, and can even fix the hair with­out even look­ing in the mir­ror. I mean, it just hap­pens, right? In a sim­i­lar vein, I think those films have be­come a part of my na­ture. And if they have be­come part of my na­ture, I just can’t sit and think too much about it.

So, you never pause and think about any of it?

Sup­pose if I sat down to­day to specif­i­cally see how I tie my shoelaces, and am like, ‘oh, ac­cha aise band­hta hoon main (this is how I tie them)’, it won’t be fun. Even if one tries to re­mem­ber when they first picked it up, one won’t re­mem­ber it. But it’s part of your na­ture. I al­ways think that it’s another life­time, but it’s all a part of my na­ture (smiles).


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