Free­dom of ex­pres­sion shouldn’t hurt oth­ers: Kan­gana

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Na­tional award-win­ning ac­tor Kan­gana Ra­naut (right) says free­dom of ex­pres­sion can­not be such that it hurts the sen­ti­ments of oth­ers. “It has to be con­sid­ered that we are a coun­try of so many lan­guages, re­li­gions and colours ... To talk about some­thing on a pub­lic plat­form is a very big thing and you should be care­ful of what you are say­ing,” says Kan­gana. The 28-year-old was speak­ing in con­text o film­maker Karan Jo­har’s com­ment that In­dia is a “tough coun­try” where speak­ing about peo­ple’s per­sonal life can land peo­ple be­hind the bars.

“One must un­der­stand the power of words. Words can be per­ceived in many ways ... so please value those and come up with the most pre­cise and ac­cu­rate way to ex­press your­self. So that if you have to go back and eval­u­ate the con­text of your com­ment, you should not be in a place where you think ‘oh this is some­thing which doesn’t be­long to me.’”

Kan­gana feels that be­ing a pub­lic fig­ure one should be care­ful with words and said she has re­ceived “back­lash” for giv­ing opin­ions.

“Yes, (ex­press your­self) in a very re­spon­si­ble way. No one should hurt any­one’s sen­ti­ments. It is not like you are a pub­lic fig­ure so you have the chance to say any­thing. I feel ev­ery­one should eval­u­ate things be­fore they speak. With me, I get so much back­lash for say­ing any­thing or ev­ery­thing but that’s okay,” she says, adding, “I don’t say things be­cause I want to be a dar­ling of ev­ery­one, ... I have to un­der­stand that if I ex­press my­self I should be able to ac­cept com­pli­ments and back­lash both.”

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