A Brand New Day

Even though it is of­ten hard to ac­cept, some­times em­brac­ing the idea of change is the best thing that can hap­pen to you


No no­tice gave she, but a change, no mes­sage, but a sigh” wrote Emily Dickinson. For me these lines epit­o­mise the silent grace with which change sweeps into our lives. Slowly crack­ing open doors into your ex­is­tence, blur­ring your con­vic­tions, tak­ing you out to newer cour­ses— all with­out you re­al­is­ing that you are meta­mor­pho­sis­ing and that too quickly. Then one day when you least ex­pect it, you wake up in the morn­ing and re­alise that you are some­one brand new. What you choose to do af­ter that to­tally de­pends on your per­spec­tive on life. If you are like Her­a­cli­tus, you will em­brace the phi­los­o­phy that change is the only con­stant in life, else you will just sit and mope about how far life got you.

Un­for­tu­nately for most of us Her­a­cli­tus’ wis­dom is a far fetched thought and we sit and com­plain con­stantly about the tran­sient na­ture of life. You know that you shouldn’t be com­plain­ing, but there you are with your morn­ing cup of cof­fee, chit chat­ting with your col­leagues about how mean life can be and how change makes you lose the most pre­cious peo­ple and things in your life.

On one such day as I sat whin­ing about ev­ery­thing a very wise per­son said the sim­plest thing to me. “Ev­ery­thing is a phase in your life. It’ll come and go, you just have to deal with it,” she said. It wasn’t like I had never heard those lines be­fore but that day they res­onated with my soul. It struck a chord be­cause that was the day I woke up in the morn­ing feel­ing it in my gut that I was on the brink of a tran­si­tion, ready to tip over to the other side which was the un­known. I no longer fit and I knew I needed to move on, but to what and how, I had no idea. So I just sat there wait­ing and wait­ing, for that one mo­ment of clar­ity, that would lead the way. That never hap­pened, but it did give me in­sight enough to ac­cept what­ever this was and move on. My own rest­less­ness and need to stay

“Change sweeps into our lives, slowly crack­ing open doors into our ex­is­tence, blur­ring our con­vic­tions, tak­ing us out to newer cour­ses— all with­out us re­al­is­ing that we are meta­mor­pho­sis­ing too quickly.”

aloof from my usual group of friends made me think about the time my best friend went miss­ing. I had known her for 18 years out of my 25- year- old ex­is­tence and we had be­come friends over the course of the shared mis­ery of our board­ing school lives. We shared ev­ery­thing, the same per­son­al­ity, clothes and taste in mu­sic. If I was Twee­dle­dum, she was Twee­dledee, my enan­tiomer who was

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