The But­ter­fly Ef­fect

Don’t let the sun wreak havoc on your skin this sum­mer. Try these ex­pert DIY spa ther­a­pies and beauty treat­ments, that will leave you feel­ing re­freshed and beau­ti­ful. Go ahead, in­dulge.


Strug­gling to meet deadlines at work while try­ing to hold fort at home sel­dom leaves one with time for decadence. When mak­ing it to your gy­ne­col­o­gist’s ap­point­ment, with­out hav­ing to can­cel a cou­ple of times be­comes a chal­lenge, tak­ing time out to visit a spa or a beauty cen­tre is a lux­ury only a very few can af­ford. Even though a busy life­style in­volves giv­ing up on your per­sonal pri­or­i­ties once in a while, you know the ne­glect has gone too far when you can’t even re­mem­ber the last time you pam­pered your skin and senses. Beauty, af­ter all, is skin deep and a prod­uct of painful per­sonal groom­ing. So take time out this sum­mer to groom your­self at home with these ex­pert spa ther­a­pies with easy kitchen in­gre­di­ents that will leave you re­ju­ve­nated and feel­ing like a mil­lion bucks with­out hav­ing to spend a penny.


Your feet cover a lot of ground. Lit­er­ally. And, your hands are ex­posed to public view just as much as the face. It is only fair then that these parts of your body get at­ten­tion too. Fol­low these sim­ple ther­a­pies and put your best ‘ feet’ for­ward this sum­mer.

Paraf­fin Wax Treat­ment

Take about 250 gm paraf­fin wax and melt it in a dou­ble boiler. Add few drops of your favourite aroma oil to it. Wash your feet and hands and ap­ply a thin coat of the mix­ture, us­ing a gauge. Leave on un­til it dries up. Once it starts crack­ing, re­move the gauge.

Lemon and Salt Treat­ment

Take luke­warm water in a foot­bowl and add one tea­spoon of salt to it. Add some petals of the flower of your choice for aroma. Scrub your feet clean with a slice of lemon and soak them in this water for 15 min­utes. It will help re­move neg­a­tive en­ergy from your body, mak­ing you feel fresh and re­ju­ve­nated.

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