Mi­nor­ity Mis­ery

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It is as­tound­ing for ev­ery ra­tio­nal In­dian that help­less Hin­dus are be­ing per­se­cuted and young girls kid­napped, raped and co­er­cively con­verted to Is­lam (“No Coun­try for Pak­istani Hin­dus”, May 7). The Pak­istani gov­ern­ment had failed to check the rise of op­pres­sive idio­syn­crasy in their coun­try. It is sad that the In­dian Gov­ern­ment also shirks its re­spon­si­bil­i­ties on the un­rea­son­able al­ibi that the is­sue is an in­ter­nal mat­ter of Pak­istan. It is high time that the two coun­tries work their dif­fer­ences out. INDU SHANKAR, Varanasi I read with shock and hor­ror the cover story on the plight of mi­nori­ties in Pak­istan. Rin­kle Ku­mari’s pa­thetic plight made me weep. I would like to see the re­ac­tion of the In­dian Gov­ern­ment and our ‘ pseudo- sec­u­lar­ists’ on this sen­si­tive is­sue. Imag­ine the sit­u­a­tion if even 1 per cent of what is hap­pen­ing to mi­nori­ties in Pak­istan were to hap­pen to mi­nori­ties in In­dia. I would also like to know what the of­fi­cial stand of BJP on this is­sue is. I would re­quest the Gov­ern­ment to take up the case strongly with the Pak­istani gov­ern­ment to en­sure that such atroc­i­ties come to an im­me­di­ate end. D. K. SAR­DANA, Delhi Most readers will be touched by the woes of these un­for­tu­nate refugees from Pak­istan. And yet, just try to imag­ine the re­verse. If a small frac­tion of the Mus­lim pop­u­la­tion in In­dia— who did not migrate in 1947—

were to go to Pak­istan, do you think the gov­ern­ment or the peo­ple there will have an iota of sym­pa­thy for them? So, to say that these poor peo­ple are vic­tims of a dou­ble- cross or they are be­ing be­trayed by In­dia is a bit far- fetched. KR­ISHNA KALRA, www.in­to­day.com

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