What can push women over the brink of ec­stasy

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The G- spot

A bean- shaped spongy struc­ture, just 1.5 mm by 3.8 mm in size, it feels rough to the touch. Lo­cated one to two inches down the vagi­nal open­ing on the front wall, it is said to be rich in nerve end­ings and swells up when blood rushes in. Stim­u­la­tion has been shown to cause in­tense or­gasms in many women.

The A- spot

A patch of sen­si­tive tis­sues that lies at the in­ner­most point of the vagina, be­tween the cervix and the uri­nary blad­der. Tech­ni­cally de­scribed as the An­te­rior Fornix Eroge­nous Zone, stim­u­la­tion of this spot can pro­duce vi­o­lent or­gas­mic con­trac­tions.

The U- spot

At the open­ing of the vagina, lo­cated above and on ei­ther side of the ure­thral open­ing. Al­most un­known till now.

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