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Women’s IQ scores have risen above men’s for the first time, since IQ test­ing be­gan a cen­tury ago. They have moved ahead by over five points this year. The find­ing has been made by James Flynn, the IQ test­ing guru from New Zealand. One pos­si­ble ex­pla­na­tion is that women’s lives have be­come far more de­mand­ing as they mul­ti­task more now. An­other is that women have a slightly higher po­ten­tial in­tel­li­gence than men and are re­al­is­ing it now. “What we are see­ing here is the im­pact of moder­nity,” says Flynn. “The brains of mod­ern peo­ple are grow­ing dif­fer­ently and show­ing in­creased cog­ni­tive com­plex­ity. This im­prove­ment is more marked in women than men be­cause they were more dis­ad­van­taged in the past.”

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