Make- up Mis­takes 101

Cos­met­ics guru Bobbi Brown lists the most com­mon makeup mis­takes that women make and tells you how to avoid them.

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1 You use con­cealer to cover blem­ishes A good con­cealer is the se­cret of the universe. Use a yel­low- toned con­cealer with a for­mula that feels creamy be­tween your fin­gers so it’s easy to blend. Ap­ply con­cealer un­der the eye, mak­ing sure to bring it up to the lash­line and at the in­ner­most cor­ners of the eye. Don’t use con­cealer to cover blem­ishes as this prod­uct is de­signed to be one or two shades lighter than your foun­da­tion and is meant to lighten and brighten the un­der- eye area. Us­ing it over blem­ishes will only draw un­due at­ten­tion.

2 You use the wrong shade of foun­da­tion Another com­mon mis­take that women tend to make is not choos­ing the right shade of foun­da­tion. Your foun­da­tion should not change the colour of your face but should in­stead match the colour of your skin. To find the per­fect shade, first test the foun­da­tion on your fore­head. If pos­si­ble, check your re­flec­tion un­der nat­u­ral light and go with the shade that per­fectly matches your skin.

3 You lack con­fi­dence One of the big­gest mis­takes a woman can make is try­ing to look like some­one other than her­self. At any age, it’s im­por­tant for women to be who they are. This means ev­ery­thing from learn­ing to love your lines to ap­pre­ci­at­ing your unique fea­tures. There’s some­thing in­cred­i­bly beau­ti­ful about a woman with lines on her face. We should start us­ing the phrase ‘ liv­ing’ in­stead of ‘ age­ing’. Lines are proof that we’ve lived life. We get them when we show emo­tions, when we laugh and when we ex­press our­selves.

4 You don’t take care of your skin

Women think that beau­ti­ful skin is all about what prod­ucts you put on your face. But how your skin looks ac­tu­ally de­pends a lot on how you treat your body. I al­ways say that great skin is 70 per cent of what you put in your mouth and 30 per cent of what you put on your face. Skin­care ba­sics in­clude eat­ing the right foods, drink­ing plenty of wa­ter, ex­er­cis­ing, get­ting enough sleep, pro­tect­ing your skin from the sun, not smok­ing and lim­it­ing your in­take of both caf­feine and al­co­hol.

5 Your makeup is out of sync One of the most im­por­tant things to con­sider while ap­ply­ing makeup is to make sure that your face matches the rest of your body. This is a com­mon prob­lem I’ve ob­served es­pe­cially in spe­cial oc­ca­sion photographs. To cor­rect it, you may need to wear a slightly darker shade of foun­da­tion or use bronz­ing pow­der on your neck and chest to elim­i­nate any ob­vi­ous colour dif­fer­ence.

6 You don’t mois­turise enough Not mois­tur­is­ing your face be­fore ap­ply­ing makeup is a com­plete nono. If the skin isn’t well mois­turised be­fore makeup it looks dull, tired and older than what it re­ally is. The right mois­turiser, on the other hand, will make the skin look fresher, smoother and much healthier. 7 You need a bronzer alert Since the idea of a bronzer is to give you a nat­u­ral look, pil­ing on the pow­der de­feats what you are ac­tu­ally try­ing to achieve. The se­cret is to ap­ply bronzer only on those parts of your face where

the sun would nat­u­rally hit– pre­dom­i­nantly your cheeks, nose and chin. To en­sure a seam­less look, make sure that you ap­ply the bronzer with a brush that has a big and fluffy head.

8 You use too much high­lighter It’s im­por­tant to strike a bal­ance be­tween your eyes and lips–- you don’t want your fea­tures com­pet­ing with each other for at­ten­tion. The most mod­ern and flat­ter­ing way to wear a strong colour is to use it only on one part of your face. Play up the eyes with orange eye shadow and keep the rest of the face neu­tral. Also, never co- or­di­nate your lip­stick to your out­fit or your nail pol­ish–- it looks way too dated.

9 You don’t choose the right mas­cara Many black mas­caras ac­tu­ally have a gray­ish tint to them and this does noth­ing to en­hance your lashes. Find a mas­cara that’s re­ally black sans the gray tint to make eyes pop. Two to three coats ( some­times even four) of re­ally black mas­cara al­ways does the trick. 10 You need a make- up tu­to­rial Makeup should never be con­sid­ered a one- step pre­scrip­tion for self- con­fi­dence. Ac­cord­ing to me, for a woman to both look pretty and feel pow­er­ful what she needs is the per­fect blend of con­vic­tion and the right knowl­edge of makeup prod­ucts and tools. In 1991, makeup artist Bobbi Brown launched her own line of cos­met­ics which over the years has grown into one of the best known global makeup brands. The first Bobbi Brown store was launched in In­dia in 2013.

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