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De­spite be­ing in pub­lic life for nearly a decade, Rahul Gandhi still re­mains an enigma (“The Rahul Raj”, Oc­to­ber 14). He cre­ated quite a flut­ter reach­ing the Press Club of In­dia unan­nounced and cre­ated a ver­i­ta­ble storm in po­lit­i­cal and me­dia cir­cles in rub­bish­ing an or­di­nance that would pro­tect con­victed law­mak­ers. There have never been any doubts re­gard­ing his abil­ity to call the shots in the Congress. Rahul is more of a be­hind-the-scene worker than a flam­boy­ant leader, lead­ing from the front. So his in-your-face “com­plete non­sense” re­mark is a come­back of sorts for him and prob­a­bly in­di­cates the shift in the power cen­tre within the Congress. VI­JAY PANT, via email Rahul Gandhi, by virtue of be­ing a Gandhi, has al­ways had the kind of power he ex­hib­ited re­cently. He has very eas­ily over­ruled the au­thor­ity of the Congress high com­mand, the Cab­i­net in­clud­ing the al­lies and of course un­der­mined the of­fice of the Prime Min­is­ter. Was it that he awoke to the evils of the or­di­nance af­ter a gap of more than one month? Or did he re­alise that the In­dian pub­lic and the Pres­i­dent are not go­ing to ac­cept the same and the party will face a back­lash in the com­ing elec­tions? May be some of his well-wish­ers in his ad­vi­sory sug­gested to him to make it dra­matic and try to be­come a hero. I am sure In­di­ans at large do un­der­stand this hypocrisy. NAVEEN SARON­WALA, via email Rahul Gandhi de­serves com­men­da­tion for the courage he dis­played in kil­lig the bill even as con­victed law­mak­ers sim­mered with re­sent­ment over the pos­si­ble col­lapse of their do­main. Rahul is also keen that po­lit­i­cal par­ties should be brought un­der the RTI am­bit. The mil­lion-dol­lar ques­tion, how­ever, is if Rahul will also com­pel the Congress to with­draw the RTI amend­ment bill, to be able to take the wind out of Modi’s sails. K.R. NARASIMHAN, Chen­nai

Rahul Gandhi com­ing down heav­ily on the or­di­nance to save con­victed ne­tas is a wel­come move and a right step for­ward to cleanse pol­i­tics. It is shame­ful how elected rep­re­sen­ta­tives think they are dif­fer­ent from other cit­i­zens when it comes to the ap­pli­ca­tion of any law.

K.R. SRINI­VASAN, Se­cun­der­abad

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