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He con­vinced the world that cold baths stim­u­late im­mune cell pro­duc­tion He suf­fered from asthma for 15 long years, un­til he started tak­ing cold baths. Daily. His asthma dis­ap­peared in weeks. The vas­cu­lar sur­geon and fel­low of the Royal Col­lege of Surgeons had grown up in Pun­jab with the century-old knowl­edge about the ef­fi­cacy of cold baths. “As the body tries to warm it­self dur­ing and af­ter cold baths, meta­bolic rate ac­cel­er­ates, ac­ti­vat­ing the im­mune sys­tem. The body re­leases more white blood cells, which are cru­cial for fight­ing germs,” says Dr Kakkar. The founder of Throm­bo­sis Re­search In­sti­tute has con­trib­uted to ma­jor ad­vances in throm­boem­bolic re­search, a con­di­tion in which blood ves­sels get ob­structed by blood clots in sur­gi­cal pa­tients. His method, us­ing hep­arin, an an­ti­co­ag­u­lant, now saves 300,000 lives a year.

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