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“My mom and dad had a mantra, a say­ing, a quote that we live by. My dad would al­ways say to me, ‘You can do it’. My dad taught me how to walk when I was five years old; most people with cere­bral palsy don’t walk at all. My par­ents treated me as an equal. If my sis­ters were mop­ping the floor, I was mop­ping the floor. If my sis­ters went to pub­lic school, my par­ents would sue the school sys­tem to make sure that I went too.”


“If you know some­one who has a dis­abled child, it’s very very im­por­tant to not feel bad for them. Do not con­stantly be prais­ing them. You raise this child like any other. Ev­ery child has a prob­lem, ev­ery child has is­sues. We can­not fo­cus on one as­pect of who a per­son is and elim­i­nate ev­ery­thing else about them.”


“My par­ents weren’t afraid to push me, they weren’t afraid to ab­so­lutely and un­equiv­o­cally de­mand that people around them treated me as an equal. This is rare though it need not be. We need to un­der­stand that people are more than just their dis­abil­i­ties.”


“I think the im­por­tant thing is talk to the dis­abled. Com­mu­ni­cate with them, see what they want, see what they dream of. Please do not think of any of them as a shell of a hu­man be­ing.”

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