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Is this In­ter­net slang? Not re­ally. Try it. It’s win­ning hearts and minds and trend­ing on Twit­ter.


No, not sup­per. It’s a teen slang for “What’s up?”


Pro­nounced as crack. An Ir­ish word that means catch­ing up on the lat­est gos­sip,

fun, mu­sic and drink­ing. So, “What’s the craic?”


Be care­ful how you use it. It’s ac­tu­ally a 19th-century slang (How hops it?) that now stands for “How’s it go­ing?”. But for the Net-savvy, it also means Heroin.


Are you stressed out? Say, “you look ab­so­lutely knack­ered.” A top trend­ing slang word, it also means other things: From a shifty out-of-town trav­eller to a male body part. So take care.

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