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DE­CEM­BER 26, 2016

Didi on the March

Il­lus­tra­tions by Anirban Ghosh Romita Datta’s story (Didi Eyes Delhi) is very in­ci­sive and cov­ers vir­tu­ally all as­pect­sFoefmthineis­math­taedr. a strange bed-fel­low: ThouCgheItafin­r­mBhlyabgealti.eIvne­his lat­est block­Mbu­os­dtier,eOm­naeinIns­d­pioal­ni­tiG

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is ev­i­dent that for cal­ly­fion­rvti­h­n­coin­blteh,eanedwthtreibe of women:

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worse, mankind is the Odoc­to­ber

set to achieve the agree with Sukhendu

hith­erto in­con­ceiv­able Shekhar Ray’s com­ment Ma­mata Ban­er­jee’s ex­u­ber­ance prospect of tam­per­ing with—and even de­fy­ing—the that Ma­mata is It­th­weaos­n­m­lyeant to be a grand theft, but things went in con­demn­ing

laws of na­ture to suit its needs Apart from the one who can leadaawc­foual­lyli-wrong for four young men in Guwa­hati, de­mon­eti­sa­tion, fol­lowed

plethora of use­ful, user-friendly and high-tech gad­gets that have tion of op­po­si­tioAnss­paamrt,iwesh.o stole a State Bank of In­dia pass­book by her strong crit­i­cism of

been listed, what is heart­en­ing is that at a time when the world is The other re­gional satm­raapc­shine, think­ing it was an ATM. Oc­to­ber “WITH­OUT primeNEW MEASURESmin­is­ter Naren­draTO COM­BAT

fight­ing a los­ing bat­tle against cli­mate change, many en­vi­ron­ment-friendly are mired too deep in their COR­RUP­TION, Modi WE be­yond DOUBT Ben­gal,THAT THESE­does in­no­va­tions are in the off­ing, like wa­ter­less toi­lets, own prob­lems to of­fer the CURRENinCdYicRaEtFeOhReMr SamWbILiL­tioHnAV­toE be

re­cy­clable rock­ets, paints that can gather en­ergy from wind and cred­i­bil­ity that she can. LsAeSeTnINaGs BaEnNaEtiFoInTSa”l leader

sun­shine... and some even striv­ing to clean the Earth’s or­bit of That she is am­bi­tious, LAWwRhEoNisCcEomSUpeMteMnEt tRoS­take

the de­bris left by space­craft! there is no doubt: her own Modi head-on. How­ever, dec­la­ra­tion that she US Pres­i­dent-elect Don­ald merely tour­ing var­i­ous

of In­dian “wouldn’t mind a big­ger states and hold­ing ralObam­laieAs­d­m­doinin­storat­ti­none,c20e0s9s-a2r0i1l1y Trump’s vic­tory was pre­dicted re­spon­dents role in pol­i­tics” is loud and mighty BJP as yet, but she fire­brand leader—a a day be­fore vot­ing be­gan in the were plan­ning clear. In­ter­est­ingly, she has more than two years cham­pion of the poor and makeDeacelme­ab­derer of na­tional US, a gas­tro­nomic seemsby a to ‘psy­chic’be fol­low­ing Flow­er­horn the fish to work on that.

the down­trod­den. Eyes stature. In the ab­sence of wroituh­tae­htuh­mat­pMonoidtsi hfoealldo.wNeamd!ed firmly set on the Delhi a pan-In­dian or­gan­i­sa­tional

get­away in irtcmhoest­teleTru­in­mt­phe throne, Didi wants to use net­work with ded­i­cated

2017, said ast­nadt­nei,bt­balekdeotnhheis­in­pci­cut­mureb.ent So wrote a thief after While Ma­mata Ban­er­jee the de­mon­eti­sa­tion agita- sup­port­ers—which

Tri­pad­vi­sor. cen­tre head on may re­main supreme stealin­gin items tion worthas a Rs big spring­board Ma­mata cur­rently lacks—

Oc­to­ber as vo­cif­er­ously as you can, Ben­gal, her ef­fort to75c,0re0-0—thrte­oe­b­coem­cop­mute- the anti-Modi her fol­low­ings will re­main pick up is­sues dear to the ate a pan-In­dian prerssean­ncdea ph­footo­ca­colpy­oint be­fore 2019. “[DElMimOiNteEdTItSoABTeIOnNga] IlSaAnNd a few poor on the street, speak is likely to get an un­m­ti­am­cheil­nye—frYoemt ah­ge­orvheirgnh- -deci­bel rhetion­rKi­col­hap­sufra, North East­ern states. Let

EX­TREMELY AM­BI­TIOUS STEP…THE LONGRUN con­vinc­ingly and re­peat­edly burial ow­ing to hermtaec­nt­ti­cosf­fice iled to cre­ate her first ex­pand her party’s EF­FECTS MAY WELL PROVE WORTH IT, all over the coun­try, and bla­tant hy­per­boMlaeh. arash­trath. Heis­d­neostiered im­pact—even base and then as­pire to build a strong cadre base BUT IT IS VERY HARD TO KNOW FOR SURE”

were gifted to 1,600 Through­outem­ploy­ees by her po­laitl­si­coaslaid thaitnhBe ewnogualdl—for sev­eral be­come a na­tional leader in your party...and pitch in KENNETHand elec­torally RO­GOFF tar­get­ing

di­a­mond mer­chant Savji ca­reer, Dho­lakia Ma­mata Ban­er­jeere­turn the items rea­sons.after There is no doubt when the time comes. The that de­mon­eti­sa­tion has wof

of Su­rat. Ap­par­ently, has he dis­playstaken pride in be­ing­five years. TMC is no match for the

sim­i­lar largesse ev­ery per­ceivedyear. as an hon­est, ham­pered the com­mon

CPrhoavneakyyoau, NPMoveamt­tb­heer Novem­ber

de­void of proof.

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