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Anti-bac­te­rial in na­ture, wheatgrass detox­i­fies the body and helps to nor­malise red blood cell counts. It helps to re­ju­ve­nate the body, fights dele­te­ri­ous ef­fects of age, and is re­ferred to as the “plasma of youth.” Loaded with vi­ta­mins A,C, B com­plex and E, su­per ox­ide dis­mu­tase (SOD), chloro­phyll, multi min­er­als, amino acids, and en­zymes, it acts as a nat­u­ral skin oint­ment against acne and eczema.

How to use Helps sooth­ing sun­burnt skin. Take 1 tbsp wheatgrass pow­der, 3 tbsp wa­ter and cot­ton balls. Mix it, ap­ply on the af­fected area with cot­ton ball.


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