Three Decades New

Thirty years af­ter Suneet Varma made fash­ion fash­ion­able, we look at the evo­lu­tion of his style id­iom


There are sto­ries and then there are sto­ry­tellers. De­signer Suneet Varma is a firm be­liever that when it comes to fash­ion, styling and ac­ces­sories tell the best tales. Varma says, “How would you tell lin­eage, which decade some­thing is from or more about some­one’s per­son­al­ity? In my opin­ion these de­tails would come through in styling, hair, makeup and the use of ac­ces­sories, es­pe­cially in the world of fash­ion.” When the de­signer started out in 1987, de­sign­ers in In­dia had a limited can­vas to paint on. With each pass­ing decade, as the world opened up as a play­ground, de­sign­ers like Varma man­aged to keep one foot firmly in their home­land while al­low­ing the in­flu­ences of the West to im­pact on their col­lec­tions. As his de­signs evolved, so did the women he was por­tray­ing. We take a look at the Suneet Varma woman down the ages.

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