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Tip 1 Be true to your­self

Style is eter­nal, it is clas­sic, it is what you bring into some­thing. Have a per­sonal as­so­ci­a­tion with what you sur­round your­self with—your clothes, your home, your ac­ces­sories. Things don’t have to be ex­pen­sive to give that joy, but they do need to be well-de­signed.

Tip 2 Cre­ate a pow­er­ful fash­ion lan­guage

Fash­ion as a word, and as a con­cept has changed and mor­phed. While I was grow­ing up, it was as­so­ci­ated with trends, what’s in and what’s out and I never could re­late to that. But to­day, fash­ion can mean other things; there is a re­think of what re­ally is fash­ion and does that al­ways mean you have to be trend-led?

Tip 3 Let your de­sign di­ary be full of th­ese foot­notes

De­sign can ful­fil a need, solve a prob­lem, give joy, cre­ate beauty...and good de­sign of­ten does all of it. Re­mem­ber de­sign it­self has sev­eral as­pects; there is sur­face de­sign, prod­uct de­sign, fash­ion de­sign and each one is unique in its own way.

Tip 4 Don’t fol­low oth­ers, stand out from the crowd

If your per­son­al­ity is flam­boy­ant then a big style state­ment might work for you, but if your per­son­al­ity is qui­eter then it doesn’t. Stick to what makes you feel good—that is crit­i­cal—maybe a size larger, maybe a fab­ric neck­lace you found while trav­el­ling, maybe wear­ing flats while oth­ers wear heels. Use ac­ces­sories to good ef­fect; have stoles, jew­ellery and bags to add that spe­cial char­ac­ter to what you wear. Be aware of the con­text. If you are on the beach or walk­ing down cob­bled streets, don’t wear heels. Don’t blindly fol­low what peo­ple ex­pect you to do.

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