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Chang­ing sea­sons re­quire a dif­fer­ent beauty rou­tine. A good face cleans­ing reg­i­men how­ever is con­stant.

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It’s straight­for­ward enough—cleanse, scrub, rinse. Not so fast. Know­ing how to wash your face can make a world of a dif­fer­ence to your com­plex­ion. Not just now, but even a decade later. Quick tip—over ex­u­ber­ant scrub­bing will give you wrin­kles. So will hit­ting the pil­low with­out re­mov­ing your make-up. Well, it’s not too late to start over.

1 Wash­ing your hands first

Think of all the things you touched to­day. The door­knobs, car doors, and han­dles. Now think of all the germs, oil and dirt on your hands. you don’t want that on your face, right? Start by thor­oughly wash­ing your hands with a ger­mi­cide hand wash.

2 Re­move eye make-up

Eye make-up is meant to last. There­fore, us­ing a reg­u­lar face wash and hop­ing all that gunk washes out of your lashes and eye­lids is a recipe for eye in­fec­tions and dark cir­cles. The key is to first gen­tly re­move eye make-up, us­ing a creamy make-up re­mover or make-up re­mover oil. No scrub­bing please.

3 Re­move face make-up

make-up re­moval is a two-step process. Face wash alone isn’t enough to re­move foun­da­tion, con­cealer, lip­stick or your handy com­pact. you need a creamy make-up re­mover to deep cleanse pores and re­move the day’s built-up oil and grime. Work into the skin in cir­cu­lar mo­tions and wipe it all off with a cot­ton pad.

4 Don’t use a grainy ex­fo­lia­tor

One needs to ex­fo­li­ate twice a week to re­move dead and dull cells. But grainy ex­fo­lia­tors— con­tain wal­nut or apri­cot ker­nels—are un­nec­es­sar­ily harsh and cause tiny tears on the skin. Opt for a gen­tle ex­fo­li­a­tion with a mi­cro bead ex­fo­lia­tor (like Jo­joba beads) or pa­paya, pineap­ple fruit en­zyme-based prod­uct and use it twice weekly.

5 Use the right face wash

It is by far the com­mon­est face cleans­ing mis­take most women make. Ex­pen­sive doesn’t equal ef­fec­tive. and what works for your friend may not work for you. Pick a ph­tha­late and paraben­free for­mula. Oily skinned women should use one that con­tains spot con­trol sal­i­cylic acid. Com­bi­na­tion skin? Try a foam­ing cleanser to deep cleanse pores and pre­vent break­outs. For dry skins, us­ing a non-soap creamy cleanser will en­sure your skin never feels tight and itchy after you wash it.

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