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PPut to­gether a bee-like set of speak­ers, cy­cle with in­di­ca­tors and a brake light, be­come an Iron Man, stay safe when your mo­bile sig­nal dis­ap­pears in the mid­dle of nowhere or de­tect the mood swings of your pooch with a clip-on col­lar that can even spot early signs of dis­ease. This is tech­nol­ogy 2.0; stay ahead of the curve.

Shine of the times

Tuibo Blue­tooth cy­cling vest: de­sign­ers in Mex­ico City have cre­ated a vest with 72 flash­ing LEDs to en­sure you’re seen in the dark, us­ing a han­dle­bar-mounted Blue­tooth re­mote.

Price €90 Avail­abil­ity kick­

Iron Man in the fire

Project Grav­ity jet­pack: Bri­tish in­ven­tor Richard Brown­ing , has un­veiled an in­cred­i­ble jet-pow­ered suit that en­ables the wearer to fly for short dis­tances at a speed of speed of 450kph.

Price £40,000

Safety in num­bers

Gotenna Mesh: This off-grid com­mu­ni­ca­tion tool lets users com­mu­ni­cate when there is no satel­lite cov­er­age. It pairs wire­lessly to a phone, uses ul­tra­high fre­quency ra­dio waves to send texts or share GPS co-or­di­nates.

Price €146 (pack of four) Avail­abil­ity

Honey, I shrunk the speak­ers

Bang &Olufsen Off the Wall: A se­ries of hexag­o­nal speak­ers that fit to­gether like hon­ey­comb to form mu­si­cal art­work. The wire­less tiles play or boost sound, or ab­sorb noise to im­prove your home’s acous­tics, al­low­ing users to stream mu­sic via their phone or tablet.

Price €4,000, Avail­abil­ity

All the right noises

Sonos Play­base: Sonos, a multi room au­dio spe­cial­ist, claims this slab-like sound­bar will make the most of box sets and gam­ing au­dio. It dou­bles up as a mu­sic streamer when the tele­vi­sion is not in use, and is com­pat­i­ble with Ap­ple Mu­sic and Spo­tify.

Price €820, Avail­abil­ity

Warm wel­come

Ii­amo self-heat­ing baby bot­tle: Ca­pa­ble of warm­ing 180ml of milk to 37C in about four min­utes with­out elec­tric­ity, it uses dis­pos­able heat­ing car­tridges con­tain­ing salt and wa­ter.

Price From €12.95, Avail­abil­ity ii­

In­strum­ment 01

This blue­tooth-en­abled, alu­minium pen is a tape mea­sure; it also logs depth, height and length mea­sure­ments on to your phone.

Price €100, Avail­abil­ity in­strum­

Hear the fu­ture Sam­sung H7 wire­less speaker

This mar­velous gad­get con­verts tiny 8-bit au­dio files into high-def­i­ni­tion 32-bit art. The Korean firm claims its ul­tra-high qual­ity sound up­scal­ing tech­nol­ogy works by fill­ing in any gaps in the au­dio data. Price TBA, Avail­abil­ity sam­

Slim tick­ings

Sony e-ink watch: This funky, pa­per-thin de­vice uses a bend­able e-ink dis­play to change its ap­pear­ance, mak­ing it more fash­ion ac­ces­sory than smart­watch. Avail­abil­ity

At your neck and call

Jagger & Lewis smart dog col­lar: De­tect your dog’s mood swings and spot early signs of dis­ease with this clip-on de­vice that has sen­sors to de­tect move­ment, sleep pat­terns and bark­ing. Price €188, Avail­abil­ity

On the front footage

Thinkware dash cam F770: This flag­ship dash cam from has night vi­sion and a time-lapse func­tion that dra­mat­i­cally in­creases the record­ing time. It’s not the pret­ti­est, or the most user-friendly of dash cams, but the full-HD footage is crys­tal clear.

Price From €228, Avail­abil­ity thinkwaredash­

Brick ‘n’ mix

Lego Boost: This new Lego Boost is the stuff of child­hood dreams. The 840-piece set can be turned into a talk­ing and mov­ing ro­bot, a rover with a spring-loaded gun, a gui­tar with pitch bend and sound ef­fects, and a fac­tory for other Lego pieces. Due for re­lease in Au­gust, it has Blue­tooth con­nec­tiv­ity, tilt, colour and dis­tance sen­sors, plus a pair of motors. Lego Boost is also com­pat­i­ble with An­droid and iOS de­vices.

Price €TBA,

THE THINK­ING LEGO The iconic Lego bricks will now talk, flash and move

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