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beauty fixes for the rainy sea­son to keep your skin in good shape

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Our skin is the first to get dam­aged by the con­stantly chang­ing weather. Mon­soon brings with it a se­ries of con­cerns such as dull skin, open pores and bac­te­rial in­fec­tions. High hu­mid­ity lev­els make the skin look tanned, greasy, pim­ply, and we look sim­ply not up to speck. Fol­low a strict skin­care regime and keep all such prob­lems at bay. Here are top must-dos for pro­tect­ing your skin.

1 Wear a sun­screen

Sun­block is the most im­por­tant step in your skin­care rou­tine as uVb rays are known to cause tan­ning and can­cer. a tan is the first sign of the skin be­ing dam­aged by these rays, and it re­acts by pro­duc­ing melanin. uVa rays have re­cently been found to cause pig­men­ta­tion, freck­les, and signs of age­ing such as pores, wrin­kles and sag­ging. the worst part is that these skin is­sues are caused by ‘cu­mu­la­tive’ sun ex­po­sure.

The ben­e­fits Sun­block will help pre­vent your skin from tan­ning while also pre­vent­ing long-term dam­age caused by uVb and uVa rays. For the face, you need two ta­ble­spoons of sun­block ap­plied whether you are in­doors or out­doors.

2 Ap­ply a primer

I know it’s sur­pris­ing that I may ask you to add a layer onto an al­ready sweaty com­plex­ion, but a mat­ti­fy­ing primer can be a god­send. When you are wear­ing make-up dur­ing the mon­soon, it just doesn’t set as well and starts run­ning down your face. this is be­cause it is set­ting on sweaty ar­eas and it doesn’t get ab­sorbed evenly. by ap­ply­ing a mat­ti­fy­ing primer, you ab­sorb ex­cess oil, and cre­ate an even layer onto which make-up can pen­e­trate and stay.

How to use It stops make-up from run­ning and pre­vents you from hav­ing to per­pet­u­ally reap­ply it. Put a thin layer all over the face so that it is evenly cov­ered. ap­ply make-up on top.

3 Get blot­ting pa­pers

We all will get ex­tra greasy dur­ing this sea­son with high hu­mid­ity. In­stead of run­ning to the wash­room five times a day to wash your face, blot­ting pa­pers will soak up the grease in no time.

Good for a to­tal time saver, blot­ting pa­pers can re­duce the shine on your face in less than a few sec­onds, and are com­pletely gen­tle and safe for your skin. use the pa­per to gen­tly blot greasi­ness on the face.

4 Use a sal­i­cylic-acid based face wash

With all that ex­tra mois­ture in the air, your skin is bound to get oily, re­sult­ing in black­heads and white­heads. there is noth­ing bet­ter than us­ing a face wash that con­tains sal­i­cylic acid, which cuts through the grease and pre­vents pores from get­ting ob­structed.

Best way to ap­ply Sal­i­cylic acid is an ul­tra gen­tle ac­tive that is sin­gu­larly able to ex­fo­li­ate within the fol­li­cles, get­ting rid of those pesky black­heads. Wash your face no more than twice a day with a coin­shaped amount. lather, then wash off.

5 Switch your mois­turiser

Dur­ing win­ter, we are used to us­ing heavy creams and lo­tions. un­for­tu­nately, the weather has changed and the air has a lot more mois­ture in it that will be ab­sorbed by your skin. too much mois­ture makes you look greasy and can re­sult in frus­trat­ing zits. Switch to a gel or a light lo­tion that lets it breathe.

How is it use­ful Chang­ing your mois­turiser will help pre­vent pim­ples while also re­duc­ing oili­ness. use a thin layer so that your skin feels hy­drated but not too greasy. Gen­tly mas­sage into your skin in up­ward mo­tions. Mois­turise no more than one to two times a day.

6 Stick to wa­ter­proof prod­ucts

In this sweaty hot weather, you are bound to melt a lit­tle, and so will your make-up. Wa­ter­proof make-up op­tions are de­signed to with­stand these con­di­tions.

It will help in Mak­ing you look iri­des­cent the whole day long. Ditch your usual make-up and use wa­ter­proof op­tions for mas­cara, eye­liner, and foun­da­tion.

7 Cut down the lay­ers

In­stead of wear­ing lay­ers of skin­care and make-up, cut them down. ex­tra lay­ers will only cause more acne.

Stick to these Go back to ba­sics—a face wash, a serum, a mois­turiser (if needed) and sun­block for the day. the make-up should be no more than a primer and a con­cealer at best.

8 Go non-come­do­genic

look for prod­ucts that are cer­ti­fied by a der­ma­tol­o­gist to only have in­gre­di­ents that are “non-come­do­genic” mean­ing they do not clog your pores. you will re­duce your risk of zits en­tirely.

The ben­e­fits No black­heads and white­heads. look for non­come­do­genic cer­ti­fi­ca­tion on the box or bot­tle of the prod­ucts be­fore buy­ing.

9 Don’t over­wash your face

We all want to wash our faces with harsh soaps or cleansers so our skin can feel clean again, but the fact is that the more we wash, the oilier it will get. your skin is nat­u­rally bal­anc­ing, so when you wash your face too much, you dry it out. this sig­nals the skin to pro­duce more se­bum or oil, mak­ing it even oilier, and re­sults in a vi­cious cy­cle of un­bal­anced and ex­ces­sively oily skin.

What to re­mem­ber Wash your face with gen­tle pH-bal­anced cleansers no more than two to three times a day. If your face still feels greasy dur­ing the day, cleanse with plain wa­ter.

10 Keep face wipes handy

For those of us who like to wash our face mul­ti­ple times a day, the face wipe is a great al­ter­na­tive and good time­saver. Wipe the day’s grease off your face eas­ily with a sim­ple gen­tle face cloth.

How to use In­stead of over­wash­ing your face, you can use a gen­tle wipe to get the junk off, with­out dry­ing out your skin. Wipe your face gen­tly two to three times with the wipe, then throw it away.

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