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There is no con­cept of true free­dom be­cause we have peo­ple whose opin­ions mat­ter to us. I be­lieve true free­dom lies in the abil­ity to sim­ply be your­self and have so­ci­ety ac­cept you for who you are, as op­posed to the cur­rent re­al­ity where ev­ery in­di­vid­ual is pres­sured to con­form to generic so­ci­etal stan­dards. Our bench­mark con­tin­ues to be the West, when by now we should have the abil­ity to set our own global bench­marks.

I be­lieve In­dia needs to. Value its own tal­ent. Even to­day clients quote Western ref­er­ences and ex­pect fin­ished prod­ucts to be de­liv­ered in the last minute, with half the costs. How­ever, if Pixar were to do a film in In­dia, they would be val­ued much more and be given all the time and re­sources re­quired, by the same clients. We are the most crit­i­cal to our own peo­ple.

In­dia seems to be caught in an epi­demic of medi­ocrity. Gen­eral lazi­ness and down­right in­com­pe­tence are hold­ing us back. If we aim to be lead­ers we as a na­tion need to im­prove our work ethic.

Com­plete free­dom is. A utopian con­cept. A world where ev­ery­one is free to act as they please, can­not ex­ist. I per­son­ally would not want to live in such a world. Free­dom can have a dark­ness too.

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