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Started in July 2016, De­tec­tron is Face­book AI Re­search’s soft­ware sys­tem that im­ple­ments state-of-art ob­ject de­tec­tion al­go­rithms, in­clud­ing Mask R-CNN. It is writ­ten in Python and pow­ered by the Caffe2 deep learn­ing frame­work. It was de­vel­oped with the goal of cre­at­ing a fast and flex­i­ble ob­ject de­tec­tion sys­tem. In a ma­jor move, Face­book AI Re­search (FAIR) has announced that it will be open sourced.

At FAIR, De­tec­tron has en­abled nu­mer­ous re­search projects, in­clud­ing fea­ture pyra­mid net­works for ob­ject de­tec­tion, Mask R-CNN, de­tect­ing and recog­nis­ing hu­man-ob­ject in­ter­ac­tions, non-lo­cal neu­ral net­works, etc. The goal of De­tec­tron is to pro­vide a high­qual­ity, high-per­for­mance code base for ob­ject de­tec­tion re­search. It is de­signed to be flex­i­ble in or­der to sup­port rapid im­ple­men­ta­tion and eval­u­a­tion of novel re­search.

Be­yond re­search, a num­ber of Face­book teams use this plat­form to train cus­tom mod­els for a va­ri­ety of ap­pli­ca­tions in­clud­ing aug­mented re­al­ity and com­mu­nity in­tegrity. By open sourc­ing De­tec­tron, Face­book’s goal is to make the re­search as open as pos­si­ble and to accelerate re­search in labs across the world. With its re­lease, the re­search com­mu­nity will be able to re­pro­duce Face­book’s re­sults and have ac­cess to the same soft­ware plat­form that FAIR uses ev­ery day.

De­tec­tron is avail­able un­der the Apache 2.0 li­cence. The com­pany is also re­leas­ing ex­ten­sive per­for­mance base­lines for more than 70 pre-trained mod­els that are avail­able for down­load from its Model Zoo.

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