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We yet haven’t been able to achieve a steadily in­creas­ing, healthy growth rate for a medium which is ar­guably the old­est. Some­where the larger leap is elud­ing us. A com­pelling probe and we all know where the is­sue prob­a­bly lies. Yes! We have man­aged to con­vince clients’ to an ex­tent where they will­ingly vest a cer­tain amount of con­fi­dence and monies in the medium. But this has now hit a road block; no amount of con­vinc­ing will get us through this road block un­til we re­al­ize that it is time we went their way. In an at­tempt to com­pile the ex­pec­ta­tions of the client and thus pro­vide the in­dus­try a direct and the only path to growth, Out­door Asia car­ries a fea­ture in this is­sue that probes into the mind of some top spenders across var­ied cat­e­gories. Read ‘What’s on their mind?’ to know what your clients cur­rently spend on OOH, and what are their ex­pec­ta­tions and ar­eas of con­cern. It’s time we re­set our pri­or­i­ties and in the process keep the clients will right on top. Com­pla­cency to­wards th­ese ex­pec­ta­tions will only spell more chal­lenges for the medium. While you pon­der over this, also sail through the many in­ter­est­ing fea­tures this is­sue has to present. Witty copy and a wit­tier war hap­pens out there on bill­boards with The Hindu’s creative cam­paign, read the fea­ture ‘Mak­ing sense not sen­sa­tions!’ and know more about this creative catch. Then we have Ti­tan Eye Plus mak­ing good use of the vin­tage sig­nages pasted on the rear of trucks and auto rick­shaws, an ex­tremely rel­e­vant am­bi­ent ar­range­ment. Fur­ther on cre­at­ing a quirky impact on its fe­male pa­trons is Diesel, which launches an OOH cam­paign that reaches out to the TG the Diesel way, know more by read­ing ‘OOH the Diesel way’ fea­ture. Along with th­ese reg­u­lar doses of OOH we also bring you more food for thought, with fea­tures like ‘B-Pos­i­tive – OOH in Tier II In­dia’ a com­pi­la­tion of the lat­est, and what’s go­ing on in the B-Town cities with re­spect to OOH fea­ture. Read to know how OOH is do­ing in the larger In­dia. On the other hand we have a whitepa­per from Ki­netic’s Mov­ing World In­dia ini­tia­tive which de­tails out the nu­ances of Ur­ban­iza­tion and what it means for OOH. Also look out for the reg­u­lar nuggets. So turn to a more ‘client com­pli­ant’ you!

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