How green can print­ing get?

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The In­dian print busi­ness has been pegged at US $ 16,000/- mil­lion out of which the ink seg­ment re­port­edly ac­counts for US $ 280 mil­lion. Also, ac­cord­ing to the re­port, the vol­umes and value of the ink seg­ment are in­creas­ing by 10-15%. %XW WKHVH fiJXUHV QRWZLWKVWDQGLQJ, WKLV LQGXVWUy LV fraught with chal­lenges that ul­ti­mately af­fect the long term growth. In a one to one chat with Out­door Asia, Dhiren­dra Khu­rana, Coun­try Man­ager, Sign & Dis­play, GSB, HP PPS, a ma­jor player in the in­dus­try, talks about th­ese chal­lenges, the way for­ward and other per­spec­tives on the In­dian print­ing in­dus­try. Read on. a ques­tion of whether print­ing is green or not, the ques­tion is how green it can get and that is where the adop­tion is go­ing to be crit­i­cal. Ac­cord­ing to the re­sponse to La­tex and other new tech­nolo­gies in the mar­ket, I se­ri­ously feel that a rea­son­ably de­cent be­gin­ning has been made. As per the FY12, in low vol­ume PSP space, we have a de­cent 20% share for a newer tech­nol­ogy and it is a gi­ant leap. This is also an en­dorse­ment of the fact that peo­ple do see value in a new tech­nol­ogy which also serves as a green so­lu­tion.

Cor­po­rate So­cial Re­spon­si­bil­ity (CSR) is big among brands. But when it comes to the print­ing in­dus­try, such ef­forts seem want­ing. Why is this so?

It is a step by step process; for ex­am­ple, con­serv­ing wa­ter is a much big­ger re­al­ity for the TATA Group. Ad­ver­tis­ing to­wards this is go­ing up on their lad­der and will soon reach the re­quired stage. All th­ese com­pa­nies are re­cep­tive to be­com­ing green. There­fore sooner or later, this will be an im­por­tant part of their brand val­ues.

How ag­gres­sively do you see the In­dian mar­ket ac­cept­ing new tech­nolo­gies and green print­ing con­cepts?

It is go­ing to be a push and pull model. We are go­ing to push this hard; there will be some pull which will have to hap­pen from brands and then the eco-sys­tem will fall in place. It is not only about HP or any other ser­vice player say­ing that it should be green. Go­ing green should in­stead be­come part of the whole eco-sys­tem. The eco-sys­tem con­sists of the printer ser­vice provider, the printer buyer, the ap­pli­ca­tors, the dis­posal com­pa­nies, and the re­cy­cle com­pa­nies. So, once this eco-sys­tem starts fall­ing into place then green will be a re­al­ity. Green is the need of the hour and it will grow ex­po­nen­tially when ap­pli­ca­tions tend to start be­com­ing more im­por­tant for the mar­keters. More and more mar­keters and print­ers will start mov­ing away from vinyl, flex, ban­ner, and the in­te­gra­tion of green will start hap­pen­ing, sim­ply be­cause the newer ap­pli­ca­tions are greener. For in­stance, if you are print­ing on tex­tiles, you are al­ready mak­ing one step closer to be­ing greener. So I think ap­pli­ca­tion is go­ing to be very crit­i­cal.

What chal­lenges do you see in the In­dian print­ing in­dus­try when it comes to propos­ing new tech­nolo­gies and ap­pli­ca­tions?

Why only the In­dian in­dus­try? There is in­her­ent in­er­tia in any in­dus­try. If ev­ery­one un­der­stands that the so­lu­tion is very com­pelling, then change is in­evitable. For ex­am­ple, we are find­ing that La­tex as a so­lu­tion is in­evitable and there­fore com­pelling.

Fi­nally, could you tell us a lit­tle about HP’s fu­ture plans?

HP is try­ing to pro­mote the con­cept of print­ing be­ing every­where and that is com­ing out of the ap­pli­ca­tions that are grow­ing. Ev­ery mar­keter and print ser­vice provider needs to im­bibe and to recog­nise that it is no more about just cre­at­ing a print; it is also about cre­at­ing a com­plete pack­age around the print. Ev­ery­one out­side -- whether it is Omax, or Print Ex­pres­sions or Strata – is try­ing to po­si­tion end-end so­lu­tions as they have re­alised that just do­ing print­ing has no more any value. Ev­ery ser­vice provider needs to ei­ther un­der­stand that. In fact, to­day most of the printer providers want to call them­selves MSPs- Multi So­lu­tion Providers or Man­age So­lu­tion Providers

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