Which OS will give mo­bile app de­vel­op­ers the best re­turns?


Bi­nesh Kutty: I am cu­ri­ous as to what a de­vel­oper would say about this. Any de­vel­oper around to share his/her thoughts?

Karan Bhu­jbal: very valu­able in­for­ma­tion shared by very cred­i­ble peo­ple; so liked the video. Just a sug­ges­tions though, if there were sep­a­rate videos for all the peo­ple who ex­pressed their opin­ion, it would be bet­ter for the viewer.

San­jay Vyas: De­vel­op­ers (or at least his com­pany) would take the mar­ket share of mo­bile OS be­fore tak­ing the de­ci­sion.

Bi­nesh Kutty: San­jay: Agreed. But are you say­ing mar­ket share is the only de­cid­ing fac­tor? What about avail­able tools? En­try bar­ri­ers? De­vice ag­nos­tic cod­ing? What’s your take on that?

Mala Bhar­gava: The sit­u­a­tion with iOS and An­droid is known. But I think what is hap­pen­ing with smaller (in the mo­bile space) play­ers like RIM and Mi­crosoft for Win­dows 8 is that they’re of­fer­ing in­cen­tives, tools and as­sis­tance and even train­ing to de­vel­op­ers which should be nice for those who are just be­gin­ning.

Anil Cho­pra: Mala Bhar­gava, You’re ab­so­lutely right. Mi­crosoft’s re­cent App Fest in Ban­ga­lore is a clear ex­am­ple of how they’re try­ing to at­tract the de­vel­oper community for Win­dows 8.

Mala Bhar­gava: Yes. I was there for it. Many of the de­vel­op­ers had got in via schol­ar­ships, had been given train­ing, and of­fered a good 70:30 part­ner­ship on apps.There are com­pa­nies that so des­per­ately need apps to build up their ecosys­tems that they’re of­fer­ing a par­tic­u­larly de­vel­oper-friendly en­vi­ron­ment that may not al­ways be so. RIM, as we know, is go­ing all out to woo them. I think there’s never been a bet­ter time for mo­bile de­vel­op­ers.

Anil Cho­pra: Mala Bhar­gava Bet­ter time or more con­fus­ing time? RIM isn’t ex­actly in the best of shape right now, and MS is just gear­ing up for it.

Mala Bhar­gava: It’s only a con­fu­sion of too many choices. De­vel­op­ers don’t need to worry about what shape a com­pany is in. I’m talk­ing about those in their learn­ing stage -- try­ing to cut their teeth on app de­vel­op­ing. For them, the com­pa­nies that need them more are a good op­por­tu­nity.

Anil Cho­pra: Mala Bhar­gava, that’s good for bud­ding de­vel­op­ers, as they get a train­ing ground, not for the OS ven­dors, who prob­a­bly need more sea­soned de­vel­op­ers to cre­ate ab­so­lutely fan­tas­tic apps for them to pull the crowd to­ward their plat­form!!!

Mala Bhar­gava: Well, your topic is what’s good for de­vel­op­ers. That maybe in the next video

As an in­di­vid­ual de­vel­oper, to max­i­mize my in­flow, I would choose iOS where I am as­sured of busi­ness com­ing in reg­u­larly. As a de­vel­oper stu­dio, I would like to be in Mi­crosoft or An­droid app de­vel­op­ment arena.

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