Shelling a few more Ru­pees is a pain... “In times like these, shelling a few more Ru­pees is a pain. So while I would love to get my home and of­fice some snazzy new win­dows, don’t want to pay any more. I just down­graded one of my lower end Win7 lap­tops to XP... it now works faster.”

— Pradyu­man Ma­hesh­wari, Ed­i­tor-in-Chief and CEO, MxMIn­dia Not a sin­gle killer fea­ture... There isn’t a sin­gle killer fea­ture that will make us up­grade to Win­dows 8. But as a soft­ware com­pany we need to be us­ing

what our cus­tomers are us­ing, and for us that means a mix of Win­dows and Mac desk­tops and lap­tops, as well as iPads. We will up­grade to Win­dows 8 when we see that a sig­nif­i­cant

por­tion of cus­tomer traf­fic on our web­site is us­ing it.

— Abhi Vi­jayakar, Founder and CEO, Nunook In­ter­ac­tive Not good for power users, us­abil­ity is­sue... “I find the Metro (now called Win­dows 8 Style) in­ter­face just adding an ad­di­tional layer of style but af­fect­ing useabil­ity. Maybe good for first timers but def­i­nitely not for power users who need a leaner ma­chine that works with fewer clicks. Go­ing to bot­tom left all the time and the ways to ac­cess Desk­top, Con­trol Panel, fold­ers, etc is clumsy. I think the at­tempt to mimic mo­bile on a desk­top ig­nores needs for power user. Will wait till I am forced to adopt Win­dows 8 due to mar­ket rea­sons.”

— San­jeev Ne­war, CEO, Aarsh Man­age­ment So­lu­tion

Who Cares for the OS when you have browsers...

“In this world of mo­bile browsers, who cares for the OS and hence I won’t up­grade to Win­dows 8 just yet!”

— Ak­shay Shah, Founder COO, iWeb Tech­nol­ogy So­lu­tions

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