Multi-touch ul­tra­book con­vert­ibles is the fu­ture


The re­cent ex­cite­ment is fo­cused around ul­tra­book con­vert­ibles and touch based ul­tra-books. In­tel is go­ing to launch over 140 Ivy Bridge-based ul­tra-books in the com­ing year, of which more than 40 will be touch-based and around 12 con­vert­ibles. These touch­screen lap­tops, based on Win­dows 8, shall bring the tap­ping and swip­ing ex­pe­ri­ence found on tablets to lap­top users.

An ul­tra-book con­vert­ible is an ul­tra-book that can be con­verted to a tablet. In­tel thinks it has tremen­dous po­ten­tial to bring many of the best at­tributes of these plat­forms to­gether. Some of the first ul­tra­book con­vert­ibles are Len­ovo Yoga, Toshiba Satel­lite U925t, Sony VAIO Duo 11 and Dell XPS Duo 12. They are se­cure and pow­er­ful like ul­tra-books and also light­weight and fast like tablets. These ul­tra-books come in the swivel, fold and de­tach­able form fac­tor. Len­ovo Ideapad Yoga, which gives 8 hours’ bat­tery back-up with 8GB RAM, is an ul­tra-book con­vert­ible that can flip 360 de­grees and can be used as a note­book or tablet. The ad­van­tage with such a de­sign is that it al­lows users the ex­pe­ri­ence of two de­vices with­out ac­tu­ally need­ing them. Sim­i­lar prod­ucts from oth­ers ven­dors with touch ca­pa­bil­ity in Win­dows 8 shall soon be avail­able. Toshiba Satel­lite U925T is made to sync up to tvs and ac­cess on-de­mand on­line con­tent. Dell’s XPS Duo 12 has a 12.5-inch touch­screen that ro­tates within its bezel and can be used like a tablet or a note­book.

In­tel be­lieves us­age mod­els are chang­ing, as now 80% of con­sumers pre­fer touch based de­vices and with con­ver­gence be­ing wit­nessed be­tween smart­phones, tablets and ul­tra-books, and note­books, there would be greater fo­cus on merged de­vices. An ul­tra-book con­vert­ible is a re­sult of that only. It was be­lieved that iPad and other tablets could usurp the dom­i­nance of note­books and ul­tra-books will never take-off, but with ul­tra-book con­vert­ibles and multi-touch fea­tures, tablets face a stiff com­pe­ti­tion!

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