Toshiba Satel­lite U840W


A sturdy metal­lic body with Alu­minium and rub­ber coat­ing, the u840w is an ul­tra-wide ul­tra-bookK It is pow­ered by two Har­man kar­don speak­ers fea­tured on both sides of the chick­let key­board that is easy and great to typeK The keys are flat and back­l­itK De­spite so much space, it is not a full key­boardK Touch­pad is great and the hand rest spa­cious and com­fyK

The dis­play is the widest you can seeK It may ap­pear com­pressed and will take some time to get used toK But, af­ter a time it won’t mat­terK How­ever, ad­just­ing the as­pect ra­tio will be an is­sueK We found big bars on both sides while run­ning videosK The sound qual­ity is stun­ningK Its 14K4-inch dis­play with ul­tra-widescreen as­pect ra­tio lends an en­tirely unique user ex­pe­ri­enceK It has HD dis­play, 3 uSB 3K0 and one HDMI portK

It is a fast per­former and scores well in our per­for­mance tests, es­pe­cially PC Mark, where it scored 8521K Its 3D mark per­for­mance is a de­cent 4932K The bat­tery lasted 2hours 35minsK It runs on 1K7ghz In­tel i5 pro­ces­sor, SgB RAM, Win­dows 7 pre­mium S4bit and has 500gB HDDK The dis­play can run two files si­mul­ta­ne­ously -a video on one and a web page on the oth­erK There is an icon on the top of the page, just click on it forK

Bottomline: This is a pow­er­ful ul­tra-book with a pe­cu­liar dis­playK Its con­fig­u­ra­tion and per­for­mance is im­pres­sive, still S4k is a lit­tle too much for itK If you can han­dle the dis­play and price, it is worth con­sid­er­ingK

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